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Recipes To Break Shivratri Fast

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Maha Shivratri is one of the most important and holy festival for all the Hindus. The important ritual about the festival is that people undergo fasting throughout the day.

The fasting begins on the previous morning of the new moon day (amavasye) and ends on the day of amavasye.

On this auspicious day, some of the devotees consume foods that are not prepared with rice, as consuming foods that is made of rice and any dishes with garlic and onions is strictly prohibited.

However, some of the devotees follow a very strict fasting custom and do not consume any food for one whole day.

So, this year the Maha Shivratri festival falls on a monday. Devotees offer prayer to Lord Shiva from monday morning until tuesday morning. If you are a strict devotee, take a look at the foods that you can have to break your fast.

These are the healthy and nutritious foods that you can consume to break the Shivratri fast, have a look.


Lemon Juice

The first thing that you can have is lemon juice, as it helps you to give the much required stamina. since you would have had a long day of fasting, it will decrease the acidity level and make you feel refreshed.

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Ladoo can be served as an offering to Lord Shiva and you should surely have ladoo to break your fast. Also, it is important to have a sweet while you break your fast. So, read to know how to prepare ladoos.



As you have fasted the whole day, it is important to eat dishes that will fill your tummy. Parathas are easy to prepare too. So, read to know how to prepare parathas for Shivratri. This is one of the best recipes that you can have to break the fast.



Rice which is rich in glucose gives you an instant energy, after your day's long fast. It is necessary for you to have rice, since your body requires energy. You can have rice along with vegetable sambar or rasam.



Vermicelli upma is a very healthy dish that you can consume to break the Shivratri fast. Read to know the yummy vermicelli upma recipe.



Buttermilk also helps you to decrease the acidity level and removes the flatulence in the body. Our body tends to accumulate more gas during a fast and thus becomes more acidic in nature. Read to know how to prepare buttermilk to break the Shivratri fast. To make it more tasty and healthy, you can add hing and coriander strands.


Fruit Salad And Ice Cream:

Fruit salad is one of the best foods that you can have to break the fast for Maha Shivratri. Adding ice cream to your fruit salad is optional however.

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