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10 Aphrodisiac Recipes For Valentine's Day


Finally February 14th has arrived. All couples are ready to celebrate Valentine's Day this year with great vigour and joy. Few plan for a special date, few to shop & end up the day with a dinner and few sit at home with their partners to share some quality time together.

If you are celebrating V-Day at home, you can plan some exciting things today to celebrate the day of love and romance. You might have heard the common saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Every man wants to have a wife who is a great cook. On Valentine's Day, you can try some special dishes that he loves so as to impress him and make the day fill with romance. Fill love in each others life by preparing some aphrodisiac recipes.

These aphrodisiac recipes are prepared with best aphrodisiacs foods like strawberries, red bell peppers, asparagus and bananas to name a few. Check out the delicious aphrodisiac recipes for Valentine's Day.


Oysters in mushroom sauce

This dish is actually a Chinese style recipe that uses a soy flavour. You can also add some herbs like rosemary and thyme to increase the potency of this aphrodisiac recipe.


Asparagus with cheese

Asparagus with its phallic shape is rich in potassium, folic acid and Vitamin E. Asparagus is also believed to stimulate sex hormones as well as enhance your general well-being. This cheesy recipe is a great treat for Valentine's Day.


Strawberry Soup

We all know that strawberries are a natural aphrodisiac food. You can prepare a steamy hot strawberry soup. This soup is prepared with whipped cream and yogurt.


Strawberry pudding

This sweet fruit pudding is prepared with juicy strawberries ice-cream and chocolate wafers. The vanilla essence makes it a mouthwatering aphrodisiac recipe for Valentine's Day.


Aphrodisiac cocktail

Refresh your mood and enhance it with a glass of chilled aphrodisiac cocktail. This cocktail is made with chocolates, strawberries and vodka.


Banana chicken salad

Bananas are an easily available aphrodisiac fruit. The blossoms of the plant are used with chicken to prepare an excellent salad for Valentine's day.


Raspberry chocolate mousse

This is an excellent dessert that can sweeten your mood and increase desires. Chocolates are the natural aphrodisiac that can boost-up your love life.


Chinese pasta

Chinese spices are a natural aphrodisiac that can boost-up your mood and spice up love lives. This blend of Italian and Chinese cuisine is just mouthwatering.


Chocolate martini

This Valentine's Day special cocktail can be prepared at home. Enjoy a special dinner with this aphrodisiac drink.


Red creamy pepper soup

Red peppers are an aphrodisiac food. So, spice up your love life by preparing this easy pepper soup. This soup also helps fight cold and cough.

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