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Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Recipe

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Even after having a heavy meal, we all can manage to have a little space in our stomach to have few bites of our favourite dessert. Sweet flavours are a great aphrodisiac to boost up the libido levels in your partner. Chocolates are one of the aphrodisiacs that are highly used by couples to enjoy pleasure. If you want to surprise your partner by offering an aphrodisiac dessert, try this sweet and yummy raspberry chocolate mousse recipe. This mousse is extremely soft that can melt in your mouth completely and is made with raspberry sauce and chocolate.

Raspberry chocolate mousse recipe:

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Serves: 3-5

Preparation time:30 minutes


Frozen raspberries- 1 packet (thawed)

White sugar- 2½tbsp

White chocolate- 1 cup

Whipped cream- ½ cup

Red food colouring- 1-2 drops


Blend raspberries in little water until smooth. Strain the smooth puree and store it in a bowl.

Add sugar to the bowl. Stir well so that the sugar granules dissolves completely. Keep it aside.

Heat a non-sticky pan on a medium flame. Do not over heat. Add ½ cup whipped cream and chocolate. To melt the chocolate easily, cut them into pieces. Stir constantly so that the chocolate and cream mix into a smooth paste. Put the pan off flame.

Let the chocolate and cream mixture cool down a little. Now stir in 1-2tbsp raspberry puree and red colouring.

In a medium sized bowl, whip the cream to soften it. Now put a layer of plain whipped cream and then coat with the raspberry chocolate cream. Repeat till the mousse glasses get filled.

Chill the mousse for 2-3 hours.

Raspberry chocolate mousse is ready to eat. Serve it chilled and have a spicy session with your partner.

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