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Red Creamy Pepper Soup For Your Valentine

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Add a touch of spicy red to your love life with pepper soup on V day. Red pepper recipes are usually hot and spicy and not directly associated with love. But let your imagination flow, red hot creamy soup shared by you and your valentine. The romantic idea to use this soup recipe on V Day is not totally baseless; red chilli peppers are actually a great aphrodisiac and the spicy hotness will make you sweat.

The procedure to make pepper soup is really simple and you can turn it out in 15 minutes. The best part about this red pepper recipe is that it can be cooked both in the vegetarian and non vegetarian way. When you are trying this Valentine's recipe for your special someone adjust the amount of spices by coordinating the red peppers and the cream. This is red pepper recipe, cream is the spice absorber; it takes the edgy hotness out of the soup recipe.

Red Creamy Pepper Soup For Your Valentine

Ingredients For Making Creamy Red Pepper Soup:

1. Red chilli peppers (chopped) 1 small bowl
2. Onion 1 (chopped finely)
3. Garlic 5-6cloves (minced)
4. Chicken or vegetable stock 200 ml (either a can or made at home by boiling and draining either chicken or choice of vegetables)
5. Butter 2 tablespoons
6. Ground black pepper 1 teaspoon
7. Fresh cream 1 bowl
8. Salt as per taste

Procedure For Making Creamy Pepper Soup:

  • Melt butter in a deep pan and when it sizzles add the red peppers to it. After half a minute add the onions and garlic.
  • Stir to mix well and then cover and cook on low flame for 3-4 minutes to preserve the fumes of the spices.
  • After this, pour the chicken/vegetable stock and salt into the pan and let it simmer for 15 minutes on low flame.
  • Take it off the flame, cool it a bit and then use a blender to make a puree out of it.
  • Pour the pureed soup back into the pan and add cream to it. Drizzle a little black pepper on it. Keep stirring for a few minutes until the soup simmers.

You can garnish your creamy pepper soup with coriander leaves (parsley) and serve as a V Day appetizer.

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