Food For Love: Banana Chicken Salad

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Bananas are the easily available aphrodisiacs. The blossoms of the plant are used with chicken to prepare and excellent salad for Valentines day special dinner. It is the food of love and will give great energy to make love to your partner. With chicken, it makes a unique combination. Take a look to know how to go about with the banana chicken salad recipe.

Banana Chicken Salad – Aphrodisiac Recipe

Food For Love: Banana Chicken Salad


  1. 1 banana blossom (sold in Asian markets)
  2. 1 whole chicken breast (cooked in water)
  3. 2 tsps of fresh lemon
  4. 1 cup mint leaves
  5. 1 cup basil leaves
  6. ' tsp pepper powder
  7. 1 cup bean sprouts
  8. ' roasted peanuts/ cashews

For Dressing:

  1. Grated garlic
  2. Small shallot (ground)
  3. Fish sauce

Preparing the chicken dish:

1. The tender leaves within the blossoms are sliced thin and soaked a bowl of water (discard the outer layer and baby bananas).

2. Also shred the meat using fingers and add all the ingredients to the salad bowl. Toss it with the dressing and spices. Serve banana chicken salad immediately.

Start your meal with the tasty food for love.

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