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Milkmade Kheer: Special Navratri Recipe

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Milkmade kheer is an innovative Navratri sweet dish. Normally kheer recipes are cumbersome and involve a lot of effort. You have to melt the jaggery and then stir the milk continuously to get the right consistency. Milkmade kheer is an Indian dessert recipe thatis made using canned dairy whitener Milkmade instead of traditional sweeteners like jaggery.

This Navratri recipe is ideal for preparing festival food at home because it is a blend of the contemporary and the traditional method. Being a kheer recipe it is a time tested idea for earning accolades and there is also your unique modern touch to it. Moreover it has become increasingly difficult to find good quality jaggery in the cities. Kheer in fact needs the fresh stock of jaggery to get its sweet smell and that is available only in select places. This Navratri recipe on the other hand gives you the freedom to make an amazing sweet dish with a readily available packaged condensed milk.

Milkmade Kheer: Special Navratri Recipe

Ingredients For Milkmade Kheer:
1. Milk 1 litre
2. Milkmade condensed milk1 can
3. Rice 1 cup
4. Sugar 100 grams
5. Raisins (handful)
6. Cashew (handful)
7. Almonds (handful)
8. Pistachios (handful)
9. Cardamom 4-5
10. Cherries for garnishing

Procedure For Milkmade Kheer:

  • Boil milk until it starts bubbling and then add the sugar. The sugar should be very fine and if its not then you can grind it by tying it up in a cloth and running a glass over it.
  • Slowly stir the milk with sugar in a regular circular motion. You have to stir continuously so don't do it very fast and burn out all your steam.
  • Add rice and continue stirring.
  • After about 5 minutes empty a can of Milkmade condensed milk into the boiling milk. Do this gradually so that you can stir it in slowly.
  • Now you can add the cardamom for flavour. Stir the milk continuously until its volume reduces by one third.
  • Just before taking it off the flame add the raisins, cashew, almonds and pistachios.
  • Refrigerate the kheer for at least a couple of hours.

Garnish with cherries or any other seasonal fruit before you serve Milkmade Kheer.

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