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Delicious Sattu Ki Barfi or Protein Bar Recipe

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When it's all about store-bought snacks and sweets, health and taste never seem to go hand in hand. However, if you are health conscious and don't want to compromise on your health for taste, Sattu Ki Barfi is a good option to try.

Sattu flour is an important ingredient that is used in several Indian (especially North) dishes. Chana dal is dry roasted and then is ground to obtain the flour.

There are many varieties of recipes that you can try with sattu flour. Sattu ki barfi is a common one among them. You could prepare this barfi for your kids to have as an evening snack as well.

Adults who are working towards their weight loss goals can also prepare this; however, make sure to decrease the amount of ghee and sugar. So, have a look at the ingredients required and the method of preparation.

recipe for sattu ki barfi


Chana Dal - 100 g
Ghee - 50 g
Powdered Sugar - 60 g
Cardamom - 2-3 pieces
Nuts (Almonds & Cashews) - 5-6 pieces

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Roast The Chana Dal
Roast the chana dal in low flame for about 10 minutes. Keep mixing it constantly to avoid burning. Make sure that you remove it from the flame, once it is light brown in colour.

recipe for sattu ki barfi

Blend The Roasted Chana Dal
Once the roasted chana dal is cooled, put it in a blender and grind it. Don't use a coarse powder, as it will affect the texture of the barfi. Make it into a fine powder that can be easily made into a thick paste.

Sattu Ki Barfi or Protein Bar Recipe

Add Ghee And Sugar
The next step is to add the required amount of ghee and sugar. While adding sugar, make sure not to add it all at once. Add a little amount of powdered sugar and then mix it. Later, repeat the same technique twice. Adjust the consistency with the amount of added ghee. Let the consistency be a little thick so as to form balls.

Sattu Ki Barfi or Protein Bar Recipe

Mix To Make A Paste
Mix all these ingredients well to make a uniform paste. Make sure that all ingredients are spread well throughout the mix. 

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Sattu Ki Barfi or Protein Bar Recipe

Garnish With Cardamom And Nuts
Moving to the next step, garnish your dish with cardamom powder (that is coarsely powdered, let it be a little grainy and not too fine) and nuts like cashews or almonds after chopping these into small pieces. Keep this for 3-4 hours to get set.

Sattu Ki Barfi or Protein Bar Recipe

Serving And Storing
Later, press the mixture flat with your fingers gently. Once done, cut rectangular pieces from it in the form of barfis. You can store the barfis in an air-tight container for almost a month.

So, try this easy recipe today!!

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