Make Beaten Coffee In 5 Minutes

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Coffee is among hot beverages, a subject of connoisseurs. The beans, the blend and the brew of coffee makes it valuable. Not all of us are lucky to sip the aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee. We are usually used to the not so extraordinary taste of instant coffee. But, if you are a coffee lover, you can never be satisfied with just brown mix you gulp down every morning.

Beaten coffee is a special coffee recipe that could rescue your taste buds from the artificial taste of readymade coffee. This simple coffee recipe will make your morning cuppa. You need nothing extra from your kitchen to make frothing beaten coffee. This coffee recipe makes use of the same ingredients that you use and yet, you will feel that you are having your coffee at your favourite cafe!

Make Beaten Coffee In 5 Minutes

Your only extra investment to the joy of drinking good coffee will be the extra 5 minutes that you take out of your busy schedule.

Ingredients For Beaten Coffee:

  • Instant coffee of your choice- 2tsp
  • Sugar as per taste
  • Milk- ½cup or mug (depending on how much coffee you want to drink)
  • Boiling water- ½cup or more (depending on how thick you want your coffee to be)
  • Beater or spoon

Procedure For Making Beaten Coffee:

1. Take a mixing bowl and add coffee powder and sugar to it.

2. Add 1tbsp of milk to this mixture.

3. Now beat this mixture like you beat egg. You can do with a spoon or a proper beater.

4. You need to do this continuously for at least 4 to 5 minutes for the coffee mixture to turn into a light brown paste.

5. Meanwhile, warm the milk and the water you will be using for the coffee. You can mix the water into the milk before heating it.

6. When the coffee mixture reaches the desired consistency, pour it into the hot boiling milk and stir immediately.

7. You will notice that your coffee will start frothing after a few stirs.

The secret of beaten coffee is the froth at the brim that gives it a creamy moustache. Your cuppa of coffee can be made special with a bit of effort and good sense.

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