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Ways To Use Castor Oil To Treat Your Dark Circles

Considered as the thinnest skin of the body, the skin under the eyes is very delicate and sensitive. So many blood vessels and veins pass through this area and one mistake in treating this under-eye area can create big problems.

The most common skin problem at the thinnest skin part of the body is dark circles. Common in men and women of all ages, there are so many ways to treat dark circles.

use of castor oil

If you're counting on home remedies for curing dark circles, then we'd always suggest castor oil. Beauty enthusiasts confirm that omega-3 content of castor oil hydrates the area and antioxidants in the oil help in fluid retention, thereby lessening the dark circles.

Dark circle home remedis, आंखों के काले घेरे दूर करेंगी किचन में पड़ी ये चीजें | BoldSky

This knowledge that castor oil works great on dark circles is common and many use it. Despite using castor oil, they do not see a difference and shift to other remedies for dark circles.

Applying castor oil alone may not be very beneficial and hence you could include other effective ingredients that are suggested here to treat the problem of dark under-eye circles.

Castor Oil And Coconut Oil

Mix castor oil and cocnut oil in a 1:1 ratio. The Castor Oil And Coconut Oil mix for dark circles can also be stored for future use. You can apply this two times in a day or more. When massaging on your dark circles, try sideway from ears to nose or with a small circular motion.

Castor Oil And Mustard Oil

When making the Castor Oil And Mustard Oil recipe for dark circles, you have got to be extra conscious. This is because mustard oil reacts with the skin and gives an irritation. To two tablespoons of castor oil, add 1/4th part of mustard oil or less. Do not try massaging this oil, as it gives a burning sensation and might make your eyes turn watery. Just apply in dots before sleeping.

Castor Oil And Almond Oil

After mixing equal proportions of castor oil and almond oil, simply store it in an air-tight container. Massage this on your under-eye area. do ensure that your hands and the dark circle area are clean when you are applying this mix. Massage it gently and not for long. Also, mix castor and almond oils in an equal proportion.

Castor Oil And Fresh Cream

You can mix castor oil with fresh cream to treat your dark circle problem. The cream you use should be milk cream. To one teaspoon of fresh cream, add ten drops of castor oil. Before beginning to apply this, ensure that the milk cream and castor oil is well mixed. Massage this on the dark circle area and wash off thereafter.

Castor Oil And Raw Milk

Exactly how Castor Oil And Fresh Cream work on dark circles, you can make Castor Oil And Raw Milk mixture. Put an equal amount of castor oil and raw milk together. Dilute and mix the two completely till the oil stops standing out on the milk. Then with a cotton pad, apply this on your dark circle area. Dab it gently for ten minutes and wash with cold water. You can also dip tissues in castor oil and milk mix and let it rest on your eyes.

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    Story first published: Saturday, July 22, 2017, 18:00 [IST]
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