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Quick at-home Skincare Tips For Teenagers

During teenage, the skin all of a sudden starts to react and boys and girls go absolutely crazy on not knowing what to do. They ask their parents but are very unsure to try the suggested remedies.

They go to friends who complain of the same skin problems. So, what's the solution when your skin out of the blue starts to react, that too during your teenage?

Well, teenage skin needs a special attention and time. It's not only about shifting from baby soap to cleanser, but also trying new skincare methods and remedies.

So where to start your teenage skincare routine from?

Take a look at this list of quick at-home skincare remedies that teenagers can rely on. To try these, boys and girls, you really don't need to know your skin type or need lavish arrangements. Just add them to your regular skincare regimen and you will see the change.


Develop Your Own CTM Routine

To start with, teenagers have to plan their own CTM that is, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing plan. CTM is an everyday skincare activity that should be repeated twice in a day - in the morning, before heading to school, and at night, before going to bed. Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser, tone it with rose water or any fruit toner and lastly, do not miss to moisturize. You can in fact carry your moisturizer along with you and apply it whenever you feel your delicate skin is going dry and rough.


Pick Beauty Products Based On Your Age

At teenage, it is a fancy experience to go to local stationery stores and buy coloured bottles and satches of makeup. When doing so, consult with the sales person of the store and ensure you buy makeup products that cater to the skin needs of a teenager. Usually, on the wrapper of the beauty products you buy, the age group would be mentioned. Read it out carefully and buy the product if it is meant for teenage skin.


Check With A Dermat And Learn Your Skin Type

During teenage, before building ones' own skincare regimen, it is important to know your skin type. Though there are many homely methods to learn your skin type, the best way is to head to a dermat. Dermats with simple skin tests can tell you your skin type, based on which you can prepare your at-home skincare schedule and also plan your makeup shopping.


Sunscreen Is A Must For Teenage Skin

Now that you are a teenager, one skincare product that you must buy and use is a sunscreen. Get a sunscreen lotion and apply it whenever you have plans to go out during day time. Check the SPF count of your sunscreen, as it protects the teenage skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Buy sunscreen of good brands.


Experiment With Natural Beauty Remedies

When it comes to cosmetics and makeup products, it is better not to experiment and apply anything on the skin, as it leads to acne, scars and so many kinds of skin eruptions. The solution is, experiment with all possible home remedies. Home remedies bag a lesser chance of skin eruptions and offer variety too. From fruits, veggies, flowers to oils - there are many home remedies to try on your teenage skin.


Spend On Makeup And Cosmetics

Parents might not encourage buying expensive makeup and at the end, teenagers end up buying cheap beauty products. This leads to adverse effects on the skin. Thus, save money and spend it on makeup and cosmetic products that are really worth having, which definitely will not adversely affect your skin.

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