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How Mangoes Are Good For Your Skin

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Summer is here with all its irritation, suntan, dehydration, allergies and a lot of other skin problems. The only good thing about summer is its basket of fruits.

When it comes to you in golden chariot and burns everything wherever it looks, it brings the abundance of fruits which is its only blessing.

And when the ripe, juicy and pulpy mangoes come to you, you think to bear the scorching sun for some more days.

Not only the taste of ripe mango is appealing to you, but there are also several skin care benefits of mango. So, how are mangoes good for the skin?

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It will be a hard task to find anyone who doesn’t love mangoes. From now, while having the delicious taste, rub a few pieces of it all over your skin and see the magic.

From removing blackheads to glorifying your skin, there are several skin care benefits of mango. But, use only the fresh of the fruit and not the packaged juice.

Whether it is for eating or for applying, the benefits of fresh fruits are numerous.

If you keep a mango in the refrigerator and use the chilled slices on your face, your skin will be relieved and you will get the best results. So, read on to know more about how mangoes benefit the skin.


1. To Make Your Skin Glowing:

This is one of the important skin care benefits of mango. The fruit is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene which rejuvenate your skin and stop the encroaching of dark spots, blemishes and dark circles.


2. Anti-ageing Benefits:

If you think how mangoes are good for your skin, consider this as important. To treat untimely skin ageing and pigmentation, mango can be the best solution. Besides, vitamin C in this fruit stops the growth of free radicals, which cause skin cancer. Also, it retains the moisture level of your skin.


3. Treats Blackheads:

Do you know how mangoes are good for your skin? Oily skin is the main reason of blackheads, and summer is the season when your skin becomes greasy. Take a mango pulp and add half a teaspoon of milk and honey. Now, scrub it all over your face. Wash thoroughly.


4. Cleanses Your Skin:

Why use chemical cleansers when you have a mango in your fruit basket? Make a cleanser with some mango pulp and flour. This is the best cleanser for you, as it cleanses your skin from deep and removes all the stubborn impurities.


5. Best Treatment For Sensitive Skin:

People with a sensitive skin get confused on what to use, as they get rashes due to the use of several homemade remedies. Make a pack with mango pulp, milk, honey and oatmeal and apply it on the washed face. Wait for 15 minutes and wash thoroughly.


6. Homemade Face Wash:

Make a homemade face wash with mango pulp, milk and almond powder. Apply it on your face and wash it after 20 minutes. This face wash is good for all the skin types. This is how mangoes are good for your skin.


7. Treats Acne:

So far you have known about the benefits of a ripe mango. Did you know that a raw mango works wonderful in treating acne? Boil the slices of a raw mango with peels. Let it cool. Soak cotton balls in the solution and dab it on your face. The astringent property will lessen the acne problem eventually.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 16, 2016, 16:15 [IST]
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