Using Eggs For Stretch Marks

How to get rid of stretch marks with eggs? Well, these marks can spoil the look of your skin. When your skin experiences stretching either due to pregnancy or any other reason, these marks start appearing on your skin. Sometimes, these marks can also be a result of sudden weight gains. They may appear on the areas like breasts, stomach and even on thighs and arms too.

Natural Oils To Reduce Stretch Marks

When these stretch marks appear on your skin, you may feel conscious. Some people approach a skin expert to get rid of them whereas others rely on natural methods to get rid of them. Eggs are good for skin and they can do their bit when it comes to dealing with the stretch marks on your skin.

Is there a permanent cure? Though it is not possible to eliminate the stretch marks on your skin with this method, you will be able to minimise their appearance up to some extent.

Using Eggs For Stretch Marks

Using Eggs For Stretch Marks

Step 1:
How to get rid of stretch marks with eggs? Firstly, crack the eggs and collect the egg white. Remove the yolks and use only egg whites of this purpose. Use two eggs to collect the egg white.

Step 2:
Use a fork and start whipping the egg whites. You don't need to do it for too long. Just do it for a while.

Step 3:
Once the liquid is foamy enough, start applying it on the skin where you see stretch marks. The best tool to use for this purpose is your makeup brush. Use it to evenly spread the egg white fast on the skin.

Step 4:
Wait for a few minutes until the egg whites completely dry out on your skin. Use a mug of cold water to rinse the skin. After patting the place with a towel, apply a few drops of olive oil on that area and massage. Did you understand how to get rid of stretch marks?

How Often?

How Often?
How to get rid of stretch marks naturally? Well, you must follow this procedure at least thrice a day for a few weeks in order to see any results. It might easily take a few weeks for the marks to vanish gradually.

Why Massage?
Massage the area of the stretch marks throughly. This is important to promote blood circulation. Drinking enough water helps a lot in keeping the area hydrated. In fact, keeping the skin hydrated is one way of preventing skin issues.

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