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Get Beauty Inspiration For Valentine’s Day From Janhvi Kapoor’s Glittery Silver Eye Makeup Look

Today marks the sixth day of the Valentine Week, which brings us closer to the most-awaited day i.e., Valentine's Day. Since, the first day of the Valentine week we know your beauty game is on and you would have only lifted it up each day. But let's admit, for the special Valentine's day, you really need to put on the most stunning makeup to get an absolute different and beautiful look from rest of the days.

To help you and inspire you, recently Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor shared a few pictures on her Instagram, flaunting a minimal yet statement-worthy makeup look. She kept the base dewy and brought glam to her face with shimmery silver eyeshadow and glossy pink lip shade. Her makeup look seemed perfect for Valentine's day and if you want to give it a shot, follow the below steps.

What you need

• Moisturiser
• Sun-screen
• Primer
• Foundation
• Concealer
• Setting powder
• Contour
• Blush
• Highlighter
• Glittery silver eye shadow
• Flat eye shadow brush
• Brown eye shadow
• Fluffy eye shadow brush
• Black kohl
• Mascara
• Eyebrow pencil
• Pink lipstick
• Lip glow oil
• Beauty blender
• Blush brush
• Contour brush
• Setting spray

Steps to recreate the look

• Firstly, hydrate your skin with the moisturiser. Use sun-screen only if you want a day makeup look.
• Now, apply the primer on your entire face and blend it properly using the fingertips. Wait for a few minutes till it gets absorbed completely.
• Next, apply the foundation on your face and neck. Blend it well using the beauty blender.
• Apply the pea-size amount of concealer all over your lids and under your eyes, and blend it in using the damp beauty blender.
• Immediately dab some setting powder over the concealer to set it in place.
• Softly contour your cheekbones and nose, using the contour brush.
• Blush up the apple of your cheeks.
• Moving on to the eyes, dip some brown eye shadow on the fluffy eye shadow brush, tap off the excess, and apply it all over your crease. Take time to blend it until you get the desired tone.
• Drag the same eye shadow to your lower lash line as well.
• Now, take some glittery silver eye shadow on the flat eye shadow brush and apply it all over your lids and tear-ducts. Blend it properly to avoid harsh lines and edges.
• Apply black kohl on the waterline.
• Fill and define your brows, using the eyebrow pencil.
• Apply a nice coat of mascara on your eye lashes.
• Apply the highlighter on the high points of your face- your cheekbones, the tip and the bridge of your nose, and your cupid's bow.
• Finish off the look by applying pink lipstick.
• Take a very small amount of lip glow oil on your fingertip and apply it on your lips to add some glossy look to it.
• Lastly, set your makeup in place by spritzing some setting spray on your face.

So, what do you think about this makeup look of Janhvi Kapoor? Let us know that in the comment section.

Pic Credits: Janhvi Kapoor's Instagram

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