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16 Eyeliner Tips That You Need To Know!

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"Never ask a girl with a winged liner why she's late". This is quite a popular meme that almost every girl can relate to. Make-up today isn't that simple like it used to be. And the charm of a perfectly lined eyes can't be ignored. It gives your eyes and face a lift, an oomph factor that can make a whole lot of difference. For some girls eyeliner is the only make-up they use. So you can imagine how important it is.

Eyeliner is such a part of make-up that every girl owns whether she's into make-up or not. But at the same time it's one of the most tricky elements of make-up. So much so that many girls are almost afraid to apply it. And a winged liner is especially difficult to apply. Well, not anymore. Today, through this article, we're here to tell you that applying eyeliner isn't as tricky as we've made it out to be. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to get those perfectly lined eyes.

Tips For Applying A Perfect Liner

1. Choosing your eyeliner

There are various kinds of eyeliners available these days. These are pencil eyeliners, liquid eyeliners and gel eyeliners. Pencil liners are usually the easiest to apply and liquid ones the hardest. So if you are a beginner, make sure to start with a pencil liner and then move to the gel and liquid eyeliner. This will not only provide you with a grip to apply the liner but also boost your confidence, which is an important factor while applying the liner.

2. Use steady hands

The biggest mistake we do while applying the liner is shake our hands. When you're beginner you are most likely to face this issue. But remember, a perfect liner can only be applied using steady hands. Try to make your hands as steady as possible and you'll see a difference. Just keep in mind that it's just an eyeliner, not a big deal and you'll sail through.

3. Make yourself comfortable

It is very important to be in a comfortable position while applying the liner. This will ensure a smooth liner. So make sure you're in a comfortable position with proper lighting and a mirror which is at a suitable height. Your body shouldn't be stressed while applying the liner.

4. Don't stretch the eyes

While applying eyeliner, we generally tend to pull at our skin. While this may seem like a good way to apply the liner, but it'll make your liner messy as soon as you leave it. So try to line the eyes in their normal position and avoid stretching it. It'll give you a more precise liner.

5. Tight lining to the rescue

Tight lining is when you apply the liner on your upper water line. This is especially useful for all the rookies out there. Just tight line the water line and it will give a thin lined effect to your eyes. You can also use this trick when you don't want to go too heavy on your liner.

6. Using eyeshadow as the liner

You can use your black eyeshadow, or any dark eyeshadow for that matter, as a liner. Using a eyeliner brush apply the eyeshadow as you would a liner. Using this trick gives you more control over the application and helps to boost your confidence. You can apply multiple coats of it to get to the desired intensity.

7. Use pencil liner as a base

As I said before, pencil liners are the easiest to apply. So a great trick would be to use the pencil liner as your base. Firstly line the eyes with the pencil liner, and when you're satisfied with the line, apply the gel or liquid liner over it to get the perfectly lined eyes.

8. The method of connect the dots

When you're a newbie, applying the eyeliner in a single stroke can be tricky and it can even mess up your liner. This is a tried and tested technique used by many. What you need to do is mark dots at certain distance on your upper lash line. Using your eyeliner, connects these dots to get the perfect line. Make sure to keep your hands steady. You can then apply more coats to get the thickness and intensity you desire.

9. About the wing

Before going for a winged liner make sure to decide the length of your wing. Whether you want a small, medium or long wing. Often times we wing the liner without considering our eye shape or the kind of look we're going for. If you want a dramatic liner so that your eyes are at the focus of attention, use a long wing. If you are applying it for a casual day out or at work, keep it simple with a small wing. Know what kind of liner suits your eyes. A thickly winged liner might not look the best on hooded eyes.

10. Line and fill

If you are going for a winged liner, you might want to draw it out first and then fill in the gap. Start from the tip of the eye and make a wing line diagonally towards the end of your eyebrow, as per your preference. Now from the tip of the wing, draw a line towards your upper lash line. Fill in the gaps and stroke the upper lash line completely. There you have it, a perfectly winged liner. Make sure not to go overboard, or the liner can turn out pretty thick.

11. The tape method for the cat eyeliner

Applying a cat winged liner can be quite tedious. So the best trick is to use a tape to achieve the cat liner. Apply the tape from the tip of your eyes towards the tip of your eyebrow in a diagonal manner. Use this to draw out that a defined, clean cat liner. And then follow the method of line and fill. You can in fact use the tape method for that sharp eyeshadow too.

12. Concealer to hide the mistakes

When you are just starting with the eyeliners, it is but obvious that you will make mistakes. But don't get disheartened or remove it off. You can use a concealer to cover up the mistakes. It's a simple but effective trick.

13. Apply eyeshadow to make the liner last long

This is a very effective technique if you're struggling with the durability of your eyeliner. After applying your eyeliner, take a dark black eyeshadow and go over your liner with the help of a eyeliner brush. This will lock the liner in place and the liner won't budge.

14. Using your mascara as a liner

This can be a useful trick when you don't want the proper eyeliner, but just a hint of it or when you're just in a hurry. Apply 2-3 coats of the mascara on the eyelashes with special attention to the roots. This will give you an eyeliner effect while pumping up the lashes.

15. Using the eyelash curler

This is for the times you're rushing somewhere or you don't to spend time on the eyeliner. Just apply a nice coat of eyeliner on your eyelash curler. Then gently place the curler over your lashes and press it. And voilà, your liner is done.

16. Practice, practice and practice!

This is the best trick of all. It is very rightly said that practice makes perfect.

This is true when it comes to eyeliner too. As you start applying the eyeliner, you'll find it less and less triky. Don't don't give up just after a few tries. Give it some time and a little more practice. You'll be a pro with time.

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