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Try These Quick & Easy Sweat-proof Make-up Tips This Navratri

Navratri celebrations have started in full swing and you might have some fun dandiya and Garba night plans. It is time to dress up in the most colourful outfits and some amazing hair and make-up looks. Speaking of which, you might face just a single issue while celebrating Navratri - your make-up is at a constant risk of wearing out due to the dance, party, and all Garba and dandiya fun.

If you think that is something unavoidable, you need to re-think! As they say, nothing is impossible. Well, it is applicable for your make-up too. You can opt for a sweat-proof make-up and enjoy the celebrations without having second thoughts about your make-up getting spoiled. Now, that sounds like some plan, right? But, how do you do that?

Quick And Easy Tips On How To Make Your Make-Up Sweat-Proof

Skip face powder

The first and foremost tip to ensure that your make-up stays sweat-proof would be to skip using face powder. You can easily replace your face powder with an oil-free cream that will not make your face look sticky, yet do its work.

Minimize your base

This is one thing you must always remember when going for sweat-proof make-up. The less make-up you apply, the more it will make your face sweat-free. You surely don't want your foundation to melt while you dance, right? And, for that, the key is to apply less. Also, it will ensure that your face looks pretty and not cakey.

Use a primer

The primary job of a primer is to ensure that your make-up stays in place. Therefore, always use a primer to ensure that your make-up clings to your skin and does not wear off easily by factors like a little sweat or water. Once you have applied a moisturiser on your face, give it a dash of primer and then set off to wear your foundation.

Skip heavy foundation

Oh! This is something you must always remember. Always go for a lightweight and oil-free matte finish foundation that will make your face look pretty. Also, lightweight foundation will ensure that it does not wear off easily due to sweat.

Avoid dark colours

So, this is something you have to pay attention to. If you are going out in the sun, you might want to skip using dark colours for your make-up. Try and avoid going for a smokey eye look or using dark-hued blush as they are easily noticeable and might attract attention easily if they smudge or drip off. Instead, you can go for lighter colours and go for a simple cat eyeliner and subtle eyeshadow.

Always carry a facial mist/ blotting paper

Always carry a blotting paper in your bag wherever you go, especially if you have a tendency to sweat easily. If you are out of your house and feel like you are beginning to sweat, you can just use a blotting paper to dab off the sweat from your face without harming your make-up and you are all sorted!

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