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20 Make-up Hacks For All Lazy Girls Out There
Who doesn't want to look a million dollar? But the hours it takes aren't everybody's cup of tea, especially the lazy ones. And the thought of losing your beauty sleep in the morning to do all that jazz is tiresome and ...
Beauty Hacks For Lazy Girls

Recreate Priyanka Chopra's Glittery Eye Make-up Look!
We often look up to our favourite celebrities for make-up looks, fashionable wardrobe, or the way they carry themselves and sometimes even try to imitate them. With the festive season in full gear, we do need a lot of make-up tips ...
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lip Balms
If there is one product every girl uses at least once in her life, it is definitely lip balms. We all are so much used to using this product that we sometimes feel like it is an inseparable part of our ...
Things You Didn T Know About Lip Balms
Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Lifts!
Not everyone is blessed with perfectly long eyelashes. And, those who fall into this category most certainly rely on beauty tools like mascara, eyelash curlers, fake lashes, or lash extensions to fix their lashes and make them look appealing. You might ...
Everything You Need Know About Eyelash Lifts
Eyebrow slits: What Are They & How To Do It?
Has anyone of you ever experienced this - you go to a salon for getting your eyebrows done. The salon stylist starts shaping your brows and suddenly she mistakenly slits one of your brows? How painful will that be? And, forget ...
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