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How To Know If Your Makeup Products Have Expired

By: Rima Choudhury

Many of us prefer spending too much money on makeup and feel distressed when we need to toss them out.

Sometimes, we need to junk our favourite makeup products just because they have perished.

We may not exactly know when these products will perish, so that's why we're bringing you certain useful tips on finding out the same.

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At times, your favourite lipstick has a hint of white on it because there is an underlying fact that makeup products are one of the favourite breeding grounds for bacteria, which may affect your skin in several ways.

So, if you are unsure of when to toss your makeup products, here are some useful tips that can help you find out if your makeup essentials are good to be used or not.

Have a look at these.


1. For Body Lotion & Moisturiser

Many of them believe in using moisturisers or body lotions for many years. But the fact is, they tend to expire in 1-2 years from the date of manufacture. When your body lotion has expired, you can observe the watery element coming out along with your body lotion. When you squeeze out the bottle of lotion, you end up getting water that is slightly pale yellow in colour.


2. For Mascaras

Mascara is one of the most delicate makeup products that tends to expire in 2-4 months. Because you open the bottle, use the brush and close it again, there are high chances that bacteria affect the product. When your mascara has expired, you can get a bad smell coming out of it and also you may observe several changes in the texture.


3. For Foundation

Bacteria love foundations because all the foundations are water based. Once the seal is broken, a foundation is going to last for up to 1-2 years comfortably. But, wrong storage can make it expire before time. A typical chemical smell or a sudden change in colour of a foundation is enough to tell you that the product has expired.


4. For Concealer

Just like foundation, any colour or consistency change in a concealer is enough to point out that the product should be tossed away. When concealers become too old, and if it not able to conceal the blemishes on the face, you will observe them melting soon. Stick concealer or powder concealer generally lasts up to 2-3 years, while liquid concealer expires in 1 year.


5. For Face Powder

Some of the face powders contain very little amount of water, which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The shelf-life of face powder is up to 2 years, but it can expire before due to improper storage. You can observe face powder breaking into pieces or giving your face a chalky look.


6. For Eyeshadows

Generally, it is recommended that you should replace eyeshadows in every 2-3 months because it tends to get expired soon. Always keep the brush separate and use clean hands to apply the eyeshadow. If you think your eyeshadow has expired, look for any colour change or smell from the eyeshadow.


7. For Pencil Eyeliner

I am sort of obsessed with pencil eyeliners, but I don't take a chance when they have expired. If you happen to see a white spot on the nib of the pencil liner, which does not go away even after sharpening, it's time to throw the pencil.


8. For Liquid Eyeliner

Many of them prefer liquid eyeliner over pencil eyeliners. If you happen to see your liner getting dried without reason and releasing a pathetic bacterial smell, it is time to toss your liquid eyeliner. Expired liquid eyeliner will never work well on your eye.


9. For Lipsticks

Lipstick is a must for every woman, as it helps to enhance her facial look. For woman who think lipstick is a lifetime investment, you are wrong. Lipsticks do expire and you should keep changing them after every two years. When your lipstick has expired, your lipstick won't look creamy and it will start bleeding after some time. Other than this, you will face problems while gliding them on your lips.


10. For Perfumes

I love spending on perfumes, but my heart breaks when I need to trash these perfume bottles. Perfume generally expires due to improper storage. Sudden change in the smell of the perfume or if you experience irritation on your skin after its application, are initial signs enough to show that your perfume needs to be trashed.

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