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Simple And Effective Hacks You Must Try To Manage Curly Hair

Being blessed with those luscious, bouncy curls is one thing and to manage them is another. Those of you who have curly hair will agree with us that curly hair is quite wild and unruly and hence it becomes difficult to manage.

Curly hair tend to become dry and frizzy, and it require a lot of patience and efforts to deal with it. However, with that being said, they sure can be tamed if done the right way. There are certain things you need to care of and certain precautions you need to take while dealing with curly hair.

Wonder what those are? Here are some hacks to help manage those wild locks and make your life a little bit easier.

1. Oil Massage

Curly hair tend to become dry and frizzy. A hot oil massage a while before you shampoo the hair is a great way to manage the frizziness and add shine to your hair. Give yourself an oil massage at least an hour before you shampoo your hair. Leave it on for an hour and wash it off. Make sure to cover the ends of your hair as the tips are more damaged and need more nourishment. Make oiling your hair a regular practice and you will see a whole lot of difference in your hair.

2. Don't Over Wash

Try to keep the frequency of your hair wash to twice a week and not more than that. Over washing your hair will strip the hair off its natural oil and make it dry and frizzy. Also, use mild shampoos that aren't too harsh for your hair to wash the hair.

3. Conditioner Is A Must

Always, always remember to use a conditioner after your hair wash. Curly hair have a tendency to get entangled and thus are prone to breakage. Conditioner helps to manage the curly hair by calming down the frizziness and detangle the hair easily. To enhance the effect of the conditioner, after you apply the conditioner cover your head with a shower cap and run the hot water shower for a few minutes. The steam produced will help the conditioner get absorbed in your hair in a better way and reduce the frizziness of your hair. Also, don't completely wash off the conditioner. Give your conditioner a gentle rinse.

4. Opt For Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner are a great alternative for curly hair. These will seep deep into your hair and give that bounce to your curls. One way to use leave-in conditioner is to apply it before your workout session. Apply the conditioner and tie your hair in a bun. The heat and sweat from the workout will lock the moisture in your hair and make them soft and bouncy.

5. Comb While In Shower

Combing your hair while taking a shower will give definition to your curls and reduce the frizz. After you have applied the conditioner, thoroughly comb through your hair, wait for a while and rinse your hair later. This will make the hair more manageable.

6. Use Wide-Toothed Comb

Another very basic yet important hack for curly hair is to use wide-toothed comb. Normal comb can tug on your hair and cause breakage. A wide-toothed comb will detangle the curly hair without breaking it and thus help you maintain healthy and bouncy curls.

7. No Brushes

Brushes are an absolute no-no when it comes to curly hair. Brushing your hair will not only make the hair frizzy, but can also lead to breakage. As curly hair tend to get entangled, brushing it will tug on the them and cause the hair to break.

8. Let It Air Dry

Don not use blow dry method to dry your hair. Instead, let them air dry on their own. Using heat to dry the hair will only make the hair dry and frizzy, and prone to damage. Also, use a cotton t-shirt to try the hair instead of a towel. This will also help to keep the dryness and the frizziness at bay. Gently soak in the excess water using a t-shirt and then leave it be to dry on its own.

9. Set The Hair While They Are Still Wet

To avoid the frizziness of the hair, set your hair while they are sit wet and leave them to dry. This will ensure to keep the frizziness in check. Also, it makes detangling the hair easier and thus leads to less breakage.

10. Comb Your Hair From Bottom To Top

Don't comb your curly hair from the top towards the tips. Instead, start from the tips as this is the part where your hair gets tangled the most. Gently detangle the hair from bottom and then move up ahead towards the top. Remember not to tug harshly while combing your hair. This will only make the situation worse.

12. Tie Your Hair While Sleeping

Tie your hair in a bun or plaits before going to sleep. Letting your hair open while you sleep will only get it entangled more. Tying your hair will work wonders to reduce the tangles and frizz in your hair.

13. Use Satin Pillow

This might seems quite random and weird but it makes a great difference to the condition of your hair. You might not know this but a cotton pillow is not an ideal choice for the curly hair. Cotton pillow can make your hair frizzy and tangled. This is because cotton will absorb the moisture from your hair and make it dry and thus frizzy. So switch to a satin pillow.

14. Try Dry Haircut

Try haircut on your dry hair and trust us you will be amazed. This may sound stupid, but it's not. Curly hair are a bit uncertain. It can be completely different while wet and you might end up with a completely different look that you had imagined. To prevent that try getting a dry haircut and see the difference. Makes sense now?

15. Use Products Specific To Curly Hair

You hair are different, so why use products that are not meant for themt! There are tons of products available in the market that cater specifically to curly hair, be it shampoo, conditioner or serum. You should opt these products that are meant for curly hair to keep your hair defined and bouncy.

16. No Alcohol-Based Styling Products

Another important thing to remember is not to use any alcohol-based products for your hair. Many hair styling products have alcohol in them. And alcohol tends to dry out the hair and make them frizzy and brittle. This damages the hair and leads to hair breakage. You can instead use water-based products.

17. Go Minimal

Curly hair are a style statement in itself. You don't need to bother much with the styling. Refrain from using styling products like flat iron, blow-dryers, hair gel etc. as much as possible. These will only make the hair dry, frizzy and more prone to damage. So go minimal with the styling and let the natural beauty of your hair stand out.

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