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10 Things To Consider Before Bleaching Your Hair

By Pooja Das

Hair gives a personality to your face. When you select an outfit you style your hair accordingly and also make sure that the color of your outfit is in harmony with your hair color. But what if you are not satisfied with your hair color? You are born with a particular hair color but you desire to have a different one. In such circumstances you may try to go for a coloring session or try bleaching hair.

Learn few tips for bleaching hair in this article of ours. Bleaches come in chemical forms and require an expert to help you treat your hair. It is supposed to be done with great care as a little bit of carelessness can cause great damage to your hair and hair once damaged takes days to recover. To be on the safer side you can go for natural bleaches. Follow these tips for bleaching hair at home.

Bleaching hair with lemon is an age old method and considered as one of the best tips for bleaching hair. The acidic nature of lemon helps achieve a lighter shade. Other helpful ingredients include apple cider vinegar, honey, and baking soda.

As you need to be careful about the bleach you are using you need to be extra careful about caring for bleached hair. One important thing to keep in mind is not to shampoo too frequently. In fact, when you first need a wash after a bleach do not use shampoo, the wet shampoo. Go for the dry shampoo as it helps retain the bleach effect. Henceforth, limit the wet shampooing for a maximum of two times a week.

So much about caring but before you take the plunge consider the following points. You may want to rethink your decision.


1. Know Your Hair Type:

Is your hair suited for a bleach? Bleaching dries the hair and also causes damage so if your hair is the dry type and prone to damages you may want to improve your hair health before bleaching hair.


2. Choose A Color To Suit Your Skin Tone:

Not all skin tones will suit all shades of hair tones. If you cannot make up your mind try doing a color test with computer images. Seeing yourself in different hair tones can help you decide better. Another thing that you can do is visit a wig store and try different colored wigs.


3. Research Colors:

What color suits your skin, in appearance and application? Research the types of bleaching agents available and what your hair specialist is likely to use. Also decide whether you want to go for a store bought bleach or a natural ingredient.


4. You May Have To Change Your Wardrobe:

When your hair color changes there may be many dresses that do not go with the change. There may be numerous accessories that you may have to put aside merely because they will no longer compliment your hair or vice versa. Are you ready for this change?


5. Your Hair Will Require Extra Care:

Normal hair requires care for health and bounceand for bleaching hair white you need to be careful to cover all the strands. You need to be careful about washing bleached hair, keep a check on the changing color as time passes. Do not wash hair for the first time. Use dry shampoo as far as possible. Try to keep hair tangle free. Select hair care products especially formulated for bleached hair.


6. Bleach Makes The Hair Dry:

It is a known fact that bleaching hair causes the strands to go dry and hair strands are damaged. Are you ready to let your hair go through that damage? Consult a professional as to what steps to take to minimize damage.


7. Check Scalp Health:

Your scalp needs to be in good health before a hair bleaching session. If you have any kind of infection, are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, have lice or scratchy scalp try to get that healed first. Bleaching in such conditions can worsen your troubles and affect the scalp.


8. Select A Professional:

There are many professionals offering hair bleaching services. Research and talk to people and get to know the best ones available in your budget. Remember it is a matter of your hair. You need to be very careful.


9. No Going Back:

Before you bleach all the hair do a test run. Try bleaching a portion of your hair, some area which is not much visible. If your hair and scalp are in good condition after the bleach that means it suits you and you can go ahead and bleach throughout.


10. Test Before A Complete Change:

Whatever your decision regarding bleaching hair always keep in mind that once you bleach there is no going back. So think twice or even thrice and take a decision with all confidence.

Bleaching hair is a big decision. It changes your appearance and for at least six months you will have to live with that appearance. If you are ready for such a big change go ahead and bleach you hair.

Story first published: Sunday, February 8, 2015, 20:00 [IST]
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