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Tips To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer
Have you ever spent a good chunk of money to get your hair coloured only to realise that within a few weeks the effect of the colour fades away? If yes, then be assured that you're not the only one to ...
Tips To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

10 Things To Consider Before Bleaching Your Hair
Hair gives a personality to your face. When you select an outfit you style your hair accordingly and also make sure that the color of your outfit is in harmony with your hair color. But what if you are not satisfied ...
Instant Ways To Cover Grey Hair
You need not be 40 to be worried about grey hair these days. Even 15-year-old have grey strands these days. Streaks of grey may look elegant on an elderly lady, but at 25, it is embarrassing. There is not much to ...
Ways Cover Grey Hair
How To Remove Your Hair Colour?​
Nothing flatters your look better than a new hair colour. But, it might go wrong sometimes and you may not get the desirable results. Hair colour can be seriously stubborn sometimes. Mistakes can happen, but that does not mean that you ...
Top 5 Hair Colour Brands
Top hair colour brands that are widely popular are L’Oreal, Garnier, Revlon and more. These are the best hair products for you to choose from. These new hair colours can add that extra glam quotient to your style. Colour trends this ...
Top Hair Colour Brands
5 Hair Colour Trends Of 2012!
You like colouring your hair but get confused with the hair colours! Depending on the fashion trends and style, you pick up hair colours. Sometimes, brown hair is in trend and sometimes red or pink. Which hair colours are in trend ...
Hair Colour Trends 2012 Women
6 Best Hairstyles To Flaunt Straight Hair!
There are endless hairstyles for straight hair. Straight hair have a neat, tidy and well set appearance. Be it long, short or medium hair length, several hairstyles can be tried to flaunt those well defined hair cut. Here are few hairstyles ...
How To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer?
You colour hair to either hide your grey hair or to get a different stylish look. Visiting a salon every 15-30 days to colour your hair is very tiring and time consuming too! Whether you spend money in salon or colour ...
Tips Last Hair Colour Longer
Remedies To Lighten Dark Hair Colour To Brown!
Want to lighten dark hair to get brown hair colour? Instead of going for hair colours you can lighten your dark hair at home naturally to get brown hair. Following are natural remedies to lighten dark hair to get brown hair ...
Lighten Dark Hair Natural Remedy
Hibiscus Oil For Beautiful Black Hair
Hibiscus for hair is a very beneficial natural ingredient. It is secret behind the flowing black manes of our grandmothers. Hibiscus oil gives you naturally dark black and beautiful hair. As you know there is no alternative to oiling your hair ...
Simple Tips For Men To Color Gray Hair
Gray hair makes the man look old and matured. Few enjoy and treasure it while few resent getting gray hair. Coloring gray hair is the primary reason behind hair coloring so what tips to follow when you plan to hide the ...
Tips Color Gray Hair Men Hair Dye
Hair Coloring Tips For Older Women
As women turn older year by year they would always want to hide their age and that can happen with a youthful appearance. To look young one would first think of their hair as the grey tresses highlight the age than ...
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