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Sourav Ganguly's 'Hair' Raising Style

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Guess what is the next raging twitter trend after 'Angelina Jolie's right leg'? It would have to be 'Sourav Ganguly's hair'! Yes, we are talking about the recent victory of Pune Warriors over the power packed Delhi Daredevils in IPL 5. 'Dada' who was Man of the Match gave a 'hair raising' performance. We discuss and recommend many glamorous celebrity hairstyles. For once start talking about the hairstyles of Sourav Ganguly, a cricketer who is not known to be glamorous.

The captain who ruled the Indian cricket team with an iron hand always had hairstyles to compliment his aggressive personality. Here are some of the most popular hairstyles of this celebrity.

Sourav Ganguly's Hair

Tracking Sourav Ganguly's Hairstyles..

1. The Bad Boy's, Good Boy Look: He was called the 'bad boy' of Indian cricket. After generations of Indian cricketers who were decent and politically correct, we had a guy who dared to showed some attitude. But when Sourav Ganguly actually walked into the field for the first time as a 23 year old player, he had a perfect good boy look with hair combed sideways and the gentleman's mustache added to his looks.

2. The Dashing Daredevil: At some point of time, around the 1999 World Cup, the mustache disappeared along with all semblances of the 'good boy'. Slightly longer, back brushed hair that stuck out from behind his cap gave this rising cricket star a dashing daredevil look.

3. Captain's Innings:
The Prince of Kolkata had to leave his brat look after his accession to captaincy and the rest is history. He sledged, swore and even took of his shirt in one match! One of the most aggressive captains of the Indian cricket team gave up his long locks in favour of a more mature look. His hair were cropped and were styled into fringes.

4. Hair Today Gone Tomorrow: When an entire cricket crazy nation looks up to you, the heat is obviously on. Slowly but steadily a bald patch started appearing on Sourav Ganguly's head. Thanks to hair transplant, this celebrity's hairstyle came back to a wilder version of his previous ones.

5. The Hair Raiser: Finally, a toast to his recent 'hair raising' performance in IPL 5. The extra mop of hair he acquired post his hair transplant was 'raised' throughout the match as he took 2 match winning wickets against Delhi Daredevils.

The raised hair and the wild sprint around the ground will be one of the most memorable moments of Sourav Ganguly's cricketing career. Cheers to that!

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