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Easy Hair Care With Egg Recipes

For non vegans, hair care isn't a problem as they eat fish, protein rich eggs frequently. The protein in eggs nourishes hair, makes it strong and brings the lost shine. Today, we have a few special egg recipes exclusively made for hair. Take a look.

Although milk and curd provide good nourishment to hair, egg still ranks the best for its multiple hair treatment properties. From yolk to shell to egg white, every bit of it is useful for hair growth. It improves texture, cures split ends and works as a natural conditioner. Check for some natural hair care recipes using egg.

Egg For Hair Care – Egg Recipes

1. To Strengthen Hair – Combining an egg yolk with castor/olive oil will make hair strong and long.

2. To Soften Hair – Two raw eggs mixed with vinegar and water is applied to hair and rinsed well after 15 minutes.
You can also mix yolk with yogurt and soaked almond paste to soften hair and provide a soothing effect. Yogurt and egg combination work best on rough hair.

3. For Shiny Hair - Mix a whole egg to fresh lemon juice and massage well on scalp as well as hair. The mixture brings shine even if used very rarely. The lemon extract prevents dandruff and cures dryness of the scalp.

Egg white mixed with cucumber juice and jojoba oil will act like the best hair conditioner to add shine and sparkle like a twine.

4. Natural Conditioner – Beat the yolk well until the mixture look frothy and a teaspoon of coconut oil. Applying the mixture post wash and waiting for it to dry and again rinsing hair with water will condition hair, soften frizzy nature and rough texture.
If you don't have much time to soak and wash. You can also mix egg with a herbal shampoo of choice and directly wash hair with the solution.

5. Egg Shampoo – Apple cider vinegar works great for hair. Mixing it with egg, aloe vera gel and mineral water will work like a good shampoo for hair.

The only disadvantage of using eggs on hair is the stinky odour and sticky property which can be relatively reduced by adding a few drop of concentrate lemon or any essential oil.
Note: Those allergic to eggs can go for an alternative natural hair care remedies. You can find them under vegan hair care.

Story first published: Monday, November 28, 2011, 14:16 [IST]
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