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Take Care Of Your Bald Head

By Staff

Thinking of shaving your head , getting a new look? Simultaneously wondering if its a good idea for you to maintain a hairless head, why not? Have you ever wondered that although you don't have hair on your head its more than necessary to maintain it than having lovely rich thick hair.

For many going bald has become a fashion trend and for others it is a part of their tradition and customs that they have to follow.

  1. The first advice is to shave your hair by an expert and follow a good shaving hair technique thereafter. Once you have shaved the hair, you face the problem of ingrown hair which occurs immediately after you shave or wax any part of your body in fact. The best way to avoid this problem is to use an 'anti ingrown hair liquid conditioner'.This conditioner works both on the skin an the hair exfoliating the skin that is trapping the hair in the follicle.
  2. Always apply moisturizer for your a head as it well prevent it form becoming dry and flaky and thus it will in return lead to sun burns that would be very painful. Use a good lotion for your head every morning before you step out.
  3. Protecting your head from the sun is also important, using the correct sunscreen lotion will only help your scalp from getting burned. Don't use a lotion that is not prescribed by a hair care specialist as it would result in unforeseen matters, causing irritation and scalp burning. You can apply less than an SPF 15 before you go out in the sun and don't forget to re- apply. Many companies make high quality moisturizers with built in sunscreen , so make it a point to check the skin care drug store.

The expert who shaves your head will be able to determine if your head shape and scalp condition are

right fort a bald head , if no then don't take this step to shave your head.

It is always important to remember that daily maintainence can add a few minutes to your morning routine and that can favor you in having a healthy scalp.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 11:49 [IST]
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