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How To Choose The Right Fragrance For You

The way you smell is a big part of your personality. Your scent can have a lasting impact and it is nice to have a fragrance that is specific to you. But it isn't an easy task to find one. Have you been searching for your fragrance for long? And you still didn't find the fragrance that could be your signature fragrance? Well, today we are here to solve this issue for you.

Finding the right fragrance can be a tiring and intimidating task. You go to the store with the intent to find a fragrance that you love, but then you're surrounded by all different kinds of scents and the over-enthusiastic salesmanwho keeps on pestering you to try some more scents and that mightconfuse and unnerve you.

So, to help you with this matter, here we are with seven amazing tips that will help you find your fragrance without much hassle. Check these out!

1. Get To Know The Lingo

The first thing that you need to understand that every fragrance has its notes and it changes with time. There are basically three notes to a fragrance- top, middle and bottom. The top note is the one that you smell for the first 15 minutes after you spray it and then it fades away and you get the middle note. The middle note lasts for the next few hours and then you're left with the bottom note. The bottom note is the smell that lingers throughout the day.

So, while choosing your fragrance make sure that you love the middle and bottom note of the perfume as well, not just the top note.

2. Try To Find Some Fragrance That You Already Know You Love

There might be some fragrances that you know you love. Try to find a perfume that resonates with that scent. When you go to the store, tell them you're looking for a scent similar to that- it might be a floral, woody or citrus scent. And if you're shopping online, there are filters available that allow you to specify your choice of fragrance. Take your time with the scents around you and get to know the one you love.

3. Try The Lighter Scents First

When you're trying the different scents, move from the lighter scents to the heavier scents. Musky scents are the lightest and woody scents the heaviest. So, transverse from musky scents to citrus scents to floral scents and then to the woody scents.

4. Don't Try All The Scents At One Go

Don't go overboard with testing the scents. The more you smell, the more confused and inaccurate you'll be in choosing the scent. So, lay back and don't try more than three scents in one go.

5. Try The Scents At Your Pulse Points

The best way to test the way the fragrance will last is to test it at the pulse points of your body. The pulse points of your body being the behind the ears, the base of your throat, on the wrist, your inner elbows and behind your knees. These points help to intensify the fragrance.

6. Take Breaks Between Testing Each Scent

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when testing a fragrance is to take breaks between. Don't overwhelm yourself with the fragrance. Smell some coffee in-between the fragrances or go take a small break and come back.

7. Give The Fragrance The Required Time To Build Up

The fragrance you smell at first isn't how it will smell the whole day. Your body odour also affects the way a perfume smells. The same perfume can smell different on different people. So, to really know if you like the fragrance, take the sample and test it throughout the day and before going for it.

Story first published: Friday, August 23, 2019, 15:40 [IST]
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