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How To Shave Off Your Body Hair Correctly

By: Riddhi Roy

Body hair is something we all, as women, struggle with. I've never been comfortable with the idea of waxing, so I've done it a maximum of two to three times only.

Now, I know that most women are okay with waxing and turn to it as the sole method of hair removal. However, when I speak to most of them, they would much rather find alternative methods of hair removal.

Something that does not require as much time and money, may be. The entire hassle of visiting the parlour every 20 odd days seems a little too tedious, well at least for me.

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tips to shave off your body hair

Plus you have to have a certain level of hair growth to get waxed smoothly. So, basically, there is this entire time when you can't wear sleeveless because you have to wait to get waxed.

I know shaving is frowned upon as a hair removal method, mostly because women fear that it'll make the hair grow rough, like a beard in a way.

tips to shave off your body hair

But that is far from true, as I have been shaving since I can remember. And, I don't notice any such thing. So, with the correct razor and tips, you too can have a smooth skin after shaving. Wondering how? Then, keep scrolling!

The Right Technique:

Exfoliate: Before you start shaving, use a body scrub to scrub off the dead skin cells from the area you wish to shave.

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tips to shave off your body hair

Shave: Shave in the direction opposite to the hair growth to get a smooth and close shave. Use a razor that is specifically designed for women.

Moisturise: Use a moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type. Using a moisturiser is an extremely important thing to follow after shaving to protect the skin. People with a very dry skin specifically should go in for body butters and moisturisers.

There, with those tips, you can avoid a trip to the parlour often. Don't shy away from shaving only because of the myths surrounding it. Do let me know if these tips worked for you and keep reading for more updates.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 9, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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