Six Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Moisturiser

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Moisturisers should be an important part of your beauty kit. It is important to pamper your skin with a homemade moisturiser as it helps keep your skin beautiful and young.

Apart from this, using an over the counter moisturiser helps in protecting your skin from the sharp rays of the sun too.

So, make sure you use a moisturiser which has a good SPF to help protect your skin. Take a look at some of the other reasons why you should never step out of your house without applying a coat of cream.

Reasons Why You Should Use Moisturiser

FYI: Apply the moisturiser on your body 10 minutes after you take a shower. This will enable the cream to soften your skin if dry and will also look after your pores.

Skin Problems - Aloe vera and calamine lotion are two of the very best creams you can use on your skin if you have a skin problem like a rash, insect bite or an allergy. The contents present in these two creams are mild and soothing.

Six Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Moisturiser

Protects Against Damage - One of the reasons why you should opt for a moisturiser is because it helps protect your skin from Wind, humidity and pollutants. It is necessary to pamper your skin with moisturiser twice in the day after you wash your face thoroughly with clear water.


Strengthens Your Skin - Did you know moisturisers help to strengthen your skin? Experts state that these creams help to bind your epidermal cells together.It also forms a barrier against harmful agents.

Acts As A Coating From Other Products - If you love to use makeup on your face, moisturisers should be your best friend. Using a gentle moisturiser on your skin will act as a coat protecting your skin from the chemicals present in makeup when used.

Six Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Moisturiser | Why You Should Opt For A Moisturiser | Skin Care Tips | Reasons To Moisturize

Makes You Look Young - If you've been wanting to know what's the secret behind older women looking young, voila - it's moisturisers. When you use a gentle cream on your face, it hydrates the skin, hides those wrinkles and above all helps to get rid of that dull and dry look.

Restores Moisture - During any given season, it is important that you moisturise your skin. This is because the harsh cleansing agents in your soap strip your skin of its moisture.

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