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Do You Have Painful Toe Corns? Try These Simple Home Remedies To Cure Them Fast

By: Shubham Ghosh

Corns are small circles of hardened skin that form if the skin is pressurised or undergoes too much of friction. They often develop in our feet, especially in the toes or in the sole area because of wearing new or tight shoes or shoes without socks.

Those who have damaged sweat glands, hammertoes, diabetic complications, etc., are more likely to get toe corns than those who don't.

Corns can also develop in our palm for holding something tightly on a regular basis. Corns in toes cause discomfort while walking or even standing. Symptoms of corns include hard and raised skin bumps and feeling of pain on pressing.

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This article will focus more on curing corns in our legs. There are medicines that help in getting rid of corns; however, it is always better to try natural home remedies to cure them instead.

Let's have a look at them:


1. Castor oil:

Soak a cotton ball in castor oil and press it against the corns with a tape and leave it for the entire night. Do this for a number of days. The corns will get cured.


2. Baking soda:

The antibacterial benefits of baking soda guard the skin from infections, while baking soda's exfoliating properties remove the dead skin of the corn. Add three spoons of baking soda into warm water and apply the mixture to the affected area. Use the pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin.


3. Pumice stone:

Massage the area of the feet, which has corns, with a pumice stone. Use the stone at bath or before going to bed to remove the hardened and dead skin and cure the pain.

Put your feet in hot water, so that the hard skin softens and then rub the pumice stone on the affected area.


4. White Vinegar:

The high acidity content of white vinegar along with its antifungal effectivity helps cure corns in toes. Apply the vinegar mixed with water to the affected toe area before going to bed. You can use olive or coconut oil to keep the corn-affected parts moisturised.


5. Pineapple:

The enzyme content in pineapple rind helps in softening the corns and speeds up their cure. Place a pineapple rind in contact with the affected area in a way so that it doesn't fall off. Continue this for a few nights.


6. Lemon:

An excellent home remedy to treat toe corns is the use of lemons. The citrus acid in lemon softens the hard skin of the corns and the corns gradually will disappear. Applying lemon juice on the corns thrice in a day and letting it dry will help your cause.


7. Turpentine Oil:

This is a strong agent that helps intreating corns. The oil penetrates into the skin and heals the corns faster. First, rub the affected area with an ice pack and then after allowing it to dry, massage it with some turpentine oil. But be very cautious while using turpentine oil. Do not use it incorrectly, as it is poisonous.


8. Garlic:

A natural antioxidant, garlic is also very helpful in treating corns. It also prevents infection, thanks to its antibacterial properties. Rub the corns with half a garlic and allow the skin to dry. Put a tape on the corns and leave it for the night.

You can always try to prevent corns by wearing proper-fitting shoes and by maintaining hygiene like daily washing and drying your foot. These measures will save you from facing the painful corns.

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