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DIY Easy Scrub To Treat Back Acne

By: Riddhi Roy

Have a big day for which you need to wear a backless dress or blouse? Are you worried about that horrible back acne showing its awful presence? Yes, we've all been there.

There was a time when I had this entire perfect blouse planned out but alas, back acne! This usually happens due to clogged hair follicles from dirt and sebum.

Excessive back acne is also a sign that your problem of acne is severe, even on the face. It becomes really difficult to wear tank tops and backless clothes with huge red bumps on the back.

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diy easy scrub to treat back acne

Back acne can appear due to several reasons. It could be the kind of products that you are using on your back, like sunscreens or lotions, or it could be from the tight-fitting clothes, or the kind of food that you are eating, or may be you're just not washing your back enough.

I know it can be difficult to reach out and wash the back, but this area should not be ignored. A simple step goes a long way in preventing the acne.

Here, I'll be sharing the recipe of a scrub with you. This scrub would definitely help you fight the problem of back acne with ease. With regular use, you can keep the problem of back acne at bay.

Have a look at the ingredients required to prepare the DIY Scrub for back acne and the method of application.

diy easy scrub to treat back acne

Ingredients Required:

  • Papaya
  • Half a cup of sea salt
  • Olive oil (optional)

Method Of Application:

Cut the papaya and blend it in a mixer or food processor till you obtain its paste.

Papaya has anti-inflammatory properties and is known to really help in fighting blemishes.

diy easy scrub to treat back acne

And it also has vitamin C, which is really good for the skin.

Mix the paste of the papaya with the salt till it's grainy in nature. If the acne is severe, no oil should be added because it could further clog the follicles.

However, if you're using the scrub for very mild acne, adding the oil (olive oil) into the mix is a good idea. Otherwise, I would suggest you to not do so.

Use this scrub only on the body, as salt can be too abrasive for the gentle skin of the face.

diy easy scrub to treat back acne

Once you get the grainy mixture, apply it on the back and massage for a while. Wait for a few minutes and rinse the area thoroughly when done. Use the scrub once a week.

With regular use, you could finally say goodbye to back acne!

Do let me know if it worked for you in the comment section below.

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