Beauty Remedies With An Old Cold Tea Bag

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There are more than a million home remedies which are good for you, but picking out the best from these million is like searching for a needle in a hay stack! Grandmothers often tell us not to get rid of that old stained tea bag, and we wonder why so. Today, we bring to you some of the best beauty remedies you can make use of by using an old cold tea bag.

These little bags are often used on inflamed skin, puffy eyes ,mosquito bites, and cold sores which help to soothe the area.


But, did you there is more beauty benefits from these three! Boldsky shares with some of the best ways you can make use of a herbal tea bag or even an original flavour. Tip: Don't use tea bags which have been soaked with milk.


For Your Beautiful Eyes

Our eyes feel tired at the end of the day because of computer strain and other things. To help treat and pamper your eyes, soak an old, used tea bag in cold ice water. After 10 minutes, squeeze out the excess water and place them on your eyes. Follow this simple beauty remedy every night.


Yuck.... Sweaty Feet

Do you feel disgusted looking at your wet and smelly feet? Then it is time to get rid of this problem. All you need to do is soak your feet in cold water with tea bags for 15 minutes. Later, wipe your feet dry with a towel. Repeat this grandma trick to help get rid of sweaty feet.


Having Trouble Getting Rid Of Bruises

The best way to help get rid of bruises is with the help of a cold and old tea bag. Refrigerate a tea bag for half an hour and then massage the bruise with the bag. Repeat this remedy for 3 days to see good results.


Treat Your Sunburn

All you need to do is relax in a tub filled with tea bag water to help reduce the sunburns on your body.


Get Rid Of Razor Cuts

Use a cooled tea bag to stop the bleeding and reduce skin damage with the helpful antioxidants found in tea. It is one of the many beauty remedies you can make use of!


Troubled With Acne

Massage the acne affected area with a cool green tea bag. The antioxidants present in the tea will help to get rid of the pimples along with the scars. Repeat this simple acne treatment twice in the day to see better results.


Tea Bags For Teeth Care

You can also treat those painful sores in your mouth with the help of a cold herbal tea bag. All you need to do is bite on a used cold bag to treat the problem.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 15:03 [IST]
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