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Hour – Glass Figure Beats Size - Zero!

By Sruthi Appu

Women dream of having that sexy, curvy and slim figure. They experiment different types of diet controls, exercise regimes or surgeries, so as to achieve that stunning slim figure. They yearn to become curvy.

The new vibe that women is behind has been shifted from size – zero to hour – glass figure. They no more follow the Indian beauty Kareena Kapoor or the International beauty Kate Moss.

These days girls are craving to get hour glass like curves. Those figure conscious beauties consider Kelly Brook as their role model. Sales of accessories and dresses which support a curvy figure has shot up.

Transform, the cosmetic surgery firm says that they are seeing an immense increase in women opting to under go surgeries for reduction of their body parts. Approximately it has been increased to 175 percent.

“It seems we may be moving on from the size-zero craze. It"s no doubt in part due to gorgeous, curvy celebrities such as Kelly Brook or Holly Willoughby," a Transform Spokeswoman said.

Shop chain, Peacock, says that sale of under garments that compress the waist and bras with bigger cups or padded ones have gone upward immensely, in a year's time.

Women are obsessed with the way they carry themselves. They try anything possible under the sun to shed those unwanted fat and become beautiful with that slim and fit figure.

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Story first published: Monday, July 19, 2010, 16:54 [IST]