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5 Things That Palmistry Reveals About You

According to palmistry, a lot can be predicted about a person's love life, career growth, fortune and a lot more by just glancing at their palms.

Different predictions based on the character, relationships, health, career, travel cannot escape the eyes of a palm reader.

So, here we bring in some of the details about the essential things palm reading can reveal about you.


The Size And Positioning Of Your Fingers Matter

According to palmistry, people are generally not aware of the fact that the size and the positioning of your finger matters. The length of your fingers reveal about your personality.

If your fingers are long, then it reveals that you are a terrible planner and a deep thinker.

A Triangle On These 5 Places Of Your Palm Indicates This


The Lines That Reveal That Your Health Can Be Judged By Looking At Your Palm!

The health line and the dominant life line reveal a lot about your health and strength. The straighter the health line the lesser health issues you would face. On the other hand, a deep life line indicates strength and vitality.

Do Note: If a health line is rising from the life line, then there are chances of you having a fragile health.

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The Lines That Reveal You Can Be Self-centred And Ruthless

The heart line which is clear and forked at the end indicates that you are a perfect person. However, if you have a short heart line, it means that you are a ruthless person, and you come across as a difficult person to understand.


The Lines That Reveal That You Care

The line around the base of your thumb reveal about the bond that you share with your family. The thicker the rings, the stronger the relationship is. If you have more than one set of these lines, it means that the chances of you having more than a single family are more.

Palm Lines Reveal The Deepest Secrets!


The Lines That Reveal The Setbacks In Life

If your lifeline is chained or if it has criss-cross markings then it means that you will have much misfortune in life. You undergo much stress and tough times are a part of your life.

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Story first published: Monday, September 24, 2018, 18:24 [IST]
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