Roti Recipes For Breakfast

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Published: Thursday, June 20, 2013, 7:02 [IST]
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Roti is one of the most preferred bread in the Indian cuisine. They are light, easy to prepare and digest. Most importantly, rotis are made with whole grain namely wheat. Roti is widely prepared in every household. A meal is incomplete without roti. Those who are used to eating chapatis or rotis need it at least once a day. For example, if you have had sandwich for breakfast and rice for lunch, your dinner must have rotis! Such strong is the habit towards the Indian bread.

There are many health benefits of having rotis! They are made with whole grains so rotis are rich in fiber. Rotis are easy to digest and also light on the stomach. As they are roasted, rotis are also low in calories (provided you do not spread ghee over it). According to Ayurveda experts, roti helps balance the vata (controls all movement in the body, including breathing, digestion, and nerve impulses from the brain) and pitta (controls digestion, body metabolism and energy production) dosha.

Moreover, wheat is nutritious as it is a rich source of Vitamin (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9), iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium etc. So you should not avoid roti in your diet. As roti is filling, you can try all different types of rotis for breakfast. From plain chapati to the stuffed roti rolls, there are numerous roti recipes for breakfast. Take a look..

Roti recipes for breskfast:

Ragi, the famous finger millet can be used in dosas, roti or the mix made balls and savored with a vegetable curry. Ragi roti is a popular Chikmagalur recipe that is prepared for breakfast in Southern states of India.

Akki roti, is a staple food for people from Coorg. This is mainly eaten with pandi curry (pork curry) or kayi chutney (coconut chutney). This is a very healthy breakfast, as very less amount of oil is used in its preparation.

Bajra or pearl millet is a very common food grain that is found in India. If you are looking towards having breakfast that is healthy, easy to prepare and filled with nutrients, then stuffed bajra roti is the best recipe idea.

Missi roti is a popular recipe from Punjab. It is prepared with a combination of wheat flour and gram flour. We have added a twist to this recipe by adding fresh fenugreek leaves.

Franky roll is all time favorite dish of kids and can be made quickly too. It is filling and has paneer in it which makes it healthy.

Batani akki roti recipe (peas rice roti recipe) is a very filling and nutritious breakfast recipe very popular in South India.

Jowar roti (also called jwarichi bhaakri) is the healthiest Indian bread as it is prepared with zero oil and fat.

Besan ki roti is made with besan or gram flour instead of normal all-purpose flour. But that is not all; besan ki roti is also made with lots of zesty spices.

Here is a creative way to feed your kids the same chapati and vegetables that they complain about. You just have to roll up the vegetables in a tasty and attractive package.

Aloo roti roll is a filling meal which can be also used as an evening snack.

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