10 Best Recipes Without Onions

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Onions have become an item of luxury for most Indians. It is not easy to use onions in our regular cooking as lavishly as before. However the best part of Indian food is that we can still prepare extremely delicious dishes without using onions at all.

Indians are equipped with enough recipes to manage without using onion in their food. However food without onion does not mean tasteless or bland food. Some very delicious items can be cooked without using onions. Even non vegetarian items like fish and chicken can be cooked without onions.

So, check out these 10 best recipes which are cooked without onions:

Thai coconut rice makes a delicious dish which can be served with a variety of Thai as well as Indian curries. The main ingredient is coconut milk which adds a lip-smacking flavour to this dish.

Kadhi is generally prepared with gram flour or besan. First the pakoras are fried out of the besan and then it is cooked with the curd and gram flour based gravy. Here we have added a tasty twist to this recipe by substituting the gram flour with another healthy and tasty option of moong dal or golden lentil.

This Bengali vegetarian recipe can be described in one word- simple! Kumror chenchki literally translates to pumpkin dry curry. This authentic and delicious pumpkin curry is prepared using a unique blend of Indian spices.

A typical Gujarati subzi is a mix of sweet, spicy and tangy flavours. In this recipe of Gujarati aloo subzi, the use of yogurt and a unique blend of spices make it an absolute delight for your taste-buds.

Nothing delights a Bengali more than his favourite maacher jhol and bhath (fish curry and rice). So, Bengalis take a lot of pain to experiment with their favourite item, fish. This recipe is also from a Bengali mom's kitchen which is delicious, simple, quick and of Course prepared without onion.

Methi or fenugreek is a wonder ingredient that helps in treating digestive problems as well as keeps bad cholesterol in check. Fenugreek leaves in its fresh as well as dried form, adds an entirely different flavour to the dish. In this recipe fresh fenugreek is combined with our regular dal along with some onions, tomatoes and lemon juice which adds the tangy taste and makes it extremely delicious.

You can prepare some delicious Indian recipes without using onions in any form. Here we bring you one of the most simple and lip-smacking chicken recipes without onions. Chicken in tomato gravy is a quick and easy recipe to prepare. Just marinate the chicken pieces with curd and a mix of spices and then cook it up in a tasty tomato gravy.

Dahi paneer is basically an Indian curry that contains a curd gravy. Dahi paneer will not be very spicy because it has the soothing effects of curd in it.

Gujarati style bhindi masala is also one of the special vegetarian delights from the colourful state of Gujarat. There are a number of recipes for bhindi masala throughout the country. But Gujarati style bhindi masala is one of its kind. This recipe is prepared using very less spices yet the taste will make you fall in love with this squishy vegetable.

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Boondi Raita is a perfect recipe to aid your digestion. It goes very well with any kind of meal and also helps to keep your body cool.

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