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Vegetarian Recipes

For those who are and have planned to get vegetarian, here are some simple vegetarian recipes. The vegetarian recipe tag page gives you all a list of different types of vegetarian recipes including both Indian and International cuisines. Sneak a peek.
15 Snacks To Prepare On A Bandh
These are some of the best vegetarian snacks to try out on a bandh. Some of these snacks are deep fried and laced with yummy crispy treats. Since you have the entire day to yourself, lay out a buffet of ...
Fifteen Snacks To Prepare On A Bandh
Yummy Mushroom Red Pepper Recipe
Yummy Mushroom Red Pepper Recipe
Mushroom is one of the many veggies loved by vegetarians. This healthy vegetable boosts the immunity, helps to increase your calcium level and also provides you with a lot of energy. Since this vegetable has a lot of health benefits, ...
Chithirai Kani Special: Sweet Pumpkin Gravy Recipe
This special Chithirai Kani dish is made to celebrate this beautiful New Year. The special dish is made with sweet pumpkin, coconut and green chillies which will add a specific taste to the recipe. Moreover, the coconut too will add ...
Chithirai Kani Sweet Pumpkin Gravy Recipe
Yummy Pindi Channa Recipe
Yummy Pindi Channa Recipe
Pindi chana is also called punjabi pindi chole is a very nutritious and healthy dish. It is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is very delicious to eat and children also love eating it. It's name is originated from ...
Sweetilicious: Corn & Aloo Dry Fry Recipe
This afternoon we are in the mood to eat something spicy at the same time sweet! Therefore, this yummy treat - corn with aloo. The recipe is filled with chillies and the addition of sweet corn to the dish only ...
Sweet Corn Aloo Fry Recipe
Chilli Dahi Bhindi Fry Recipe For Summer
Chilli Dhahi Bhindi Fry Recipe For Summer
In summer it is important to add curd to your food. Curd contains a lot of vitamins which is good for the body. When you add curd to your food, make sure you add a little water too as it ...
Palak Chole Recipe For Tandoori Roti
Palak is one of the few green vegetables which is loved by many. This leafy veggie is slightly bitter to taste but it is surely good for health as it is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and lots more. ...
Palak Chole Recipe For Tandoori Roti
Easy Moong Dal And Potato Recipe
Easy Moong Dal & Potato Recipe
Moong dal is a favourite among many. This type of dal is also rich in many vitamins and other nutrients which is good for health. Boldsky shares with you a simple and easy dal recipe you can prepare in about ...
Yummy Tummy: Gobi 65 Dry Recipe!
This afternoon we are going to take you on a delectable journey! Boldsky shares with you an easy gobi 65 recipe which you can enjoy as a starter or as a side dish. This spicy gobi 65 goes well along ...
Gobi Sixty Five Dry Recipe
Delicious Gobi Butter Masala Gravy
Delicious Gobi Butter Masala Gravy
This afternoon we have a special treat. For those who love gobi, this simple recipe will leave you wanting for more. Boldsky shares with you an easy gobi butter masala recipe. The highlight of this gobi recipe is you can eat ...
Mouth-watering: Paneer and Rajma Curry Recipe
Paneer & rajma are two well-known ingredients in North India. By itself these ingredients are extremely yummy, so can you imagine when we mix these two delights into one, the taste will be exuberant. To prepare this treat you will ...
Paneer And Rajma Curry Recipe
Dosa Batter Bonda Recipe
Dosa Batter Bonda Recipe
It is past 4pm, so step into your kitchen to prepare this yummy recipe we are sharing with you. Dosa batter can now be transformed into a better treat as an evening snack. To prepare dosa batter into a bonda here ...
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