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Vegetarian Recipes

For those who are and have planned to get vegetarian, here are some simple vegetarian recipes. The vegetarian recipe tag page gives you all a list of different types of vegetarian recipes including both Indian and International cuisines. Sneak a peek.
Spicy Tandoori Gobi Recipe (Without Oven)
We, Indians love our tandoori dishes. Not only does the non vegetarian tandoori dishes taste heavely, the vegetarians go no less in terms of flavour and taste. Tandoori gobi is one such variety from the Indian vegetarian tandoor. But not ...
Spicy Tandoori Gobi Recipe
Easy Recipe For Sambar Masala And Chutney Pudi
Easy To Prepare Sambar Masala & Chutney Pudi Recipe
Sambar is served with idli, dosa, utapam, vada etc as a side dish.It is the staple food of South-India. You can make sambar with many various vegetables and spices. The most important ingredient in sambar is the sambar masala. We often ...
Quick & Easy Paneer Capsicum Bhurji Recipe
One of the most loved ingredients in India is dishes made out of cottage cheese or paneer. In Northern parts of India, it is not uncommon to find paneer as an ingredient in at least one dish in a day. ...
Quick Easy Paneer Capsicum Bhurji Recipe
Exotic Pineapple Rasam Recipe
Yummy Pineapple Rasam Recipe For Pongal
If you are a foodie, make place for something sweet and sour on your plate. This afternoon Boldsky shares with you a pongal recipe you can prepare to bring in the New Year. Pineapple rasam is an easy lunch recipe which ...
Tasty Carrot Poriyal Recipe
Carrot poriyal recipe is a south Indian cuisine. It is also known as carrot palya recipe in Karnataka. It is a simple and healthy curry. Carrot is the main ingredient in this recipe. It's one of the easiest Indian recipes mostly ...
Tasty Carrot Poriyal Recipe
Six Easy Rice Recipes For Lunch
6 Easy Rice Recipes For Lunch
Rice is a staple food across India. Almost all Indians eat rice at least once during the day. These vegetarian rice recipes can be prepared in just about 20 minutes. In many Indian households, rice is made with lentils and vegetables. ...
Quick & Easy Mooli Ka Saag Recipe
Mooli or radish is an extremely nutritious vegetable. Many of us are not aware that apart from the radish, its leaves, which we usually discard, is also a very nutritious part. Mooli ka saag helps in keeping cholesterol in check. It ...
Quick And Easy Mooli Ka Saag Recipe
Suji Chilla Recipe For Breakfast
Suji Chilla Recipe For A Great Morning
Each morning when you wake the first thing which comes to one's mind is - what to prepare for breakfast. With this yummy suji chilla recipe Boldsky shares with you, it will only come of a surprise as to how easy ...
Konkani Batata Song Recipe (Without Onions)
Konkani recipes are usually characterised by two things; coconut and seafood. Coconut is one of the most freely available ingredients on the coasts. That is why, Konkani recipes use fresh coconut and coconut milk in them. The best thing about ...
Konkani Batata Song Recipe Without Onion
Crispy Fried Bread Bhatura Recipe For Breakfast
Crispy Fried Bread Bhatura Recipe For Breakfast
Begin your day with something as yummy as this recipe. The bread bhatura recipe is simple and easy to prepare in no time. Mums who have less time on their hands can enjoy preparing this recipe. The bread bhatura recipe goes ...
Paneer Stuffed Capsicum Recipe
Winter is the best time to have all kinds of delicious foods. We often get bored of the regular veggies that we get from the market. So, it is always good to experiment with the veggies and make it interesting. ...
Paneer Stuffed Capsicum Recipe
Healthy Tomato Sevai Recipe For Breakfast
Healthy Tomato Sevai Recipe For Breakfast
Tomato Sevai is one of those dishes which is seen in almost every South Indian home at the time of breakfast. The only reason why many love to prepare this recipe is because it is easy to prepare. Especially for working ...
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