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Vegetarian Recipes

For those who are and have planned to get vegetarian, here are some simple vegetarian recipes. The vegetarian recipe tag page gives you all a list of different types of vegetarian recipes including both Indian and International cuisines. Sneak a peek.
Bengali Luchi & Aloo Dum: Durga Puja Spl
Durga Puja is the time to pray and eat for Bengalis. You cannot separate food from the festivities of this celebration of Goddess Durga. That is why; Durga Puja recipes are special in their novelty. Luchi and aloo dum is the ...
Bengali Luchi Aloo Dum Durga Puja Special
Navratri Special Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe
Navratri Spl: Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe
Navratri is a time when your diet is severely restricted. If you follow the rules set by Hinduism, there are several things that you cannot add to Navratri recipes. Nine days without onions, garlic, flour or rice becomes difficult to sustain. ...
Durga Puja Spl: Begun Bhaja Recipe
There is sweet chill in the air and a distant feeling of festivity in the mood because once again, Durga Puja is here. To celebrate the 'Sharodiya' utsav this year, you need new clothes, lots of good wishes and plenty of ...
Durga Puja Special Begun Bhaja Recipe
Navratri Special Kuttu Ka Dosa Recipe
Navratri Spl: Kuttu Ka Dosa Recipe
Navratri is the time when devotee of Goddess Durga fast for nine days in her honour. Most people follow the Navratri fast very religiously. And thus, Navratri recipes have to be carefully adapted so that they follow the rules of this ...
Bhel Puri Sandwich Recipe
The bhel puri sandwich recipe sounds a little uneasy at first. But, when you do actually prepare it, one sandwich will not be suffice for anyone who is fond of chaat. Usually, chaat is an evening snack and many prefer ...
Bhel Puri Sandwich Recipe
Aloo Ki Kadhi Navratri Vrat Recipe
Aloo Ki Kadhi: Navratri Vrat Recipe
Navratri means nine days of fun, frolic, dancing, fasting and feasting as well. Most North Indians do not partake non-vegetarian food during Navratri. They do even have onion or garlic during these nine days when the Goddess Durga is being worshipped. ...
Light & Healthy Ragi Upma Recipe
Ragi is one of the very few ingredients that only a handful of people enjoy. However, when it comes to eating healthy, there is no avoiding ragi. Upma is a common breakfast recipe that a lot of South Indians enjoy. The ...
Light And Healthy Ragi Upma Recipe
Healthy Rava Roti Recipe
Must Try: Healthy Rava Roti Recipe
This morning, we have a surprise for you - rava roti! In South India, rava roti is a common breakfast meal which is generally loved by all. Kids of all ages indulge in this healthy breakfast treat for stamina through the ...
Chana Dal With Coconut Recipe
Chana dal is a very traditional ingredient to cook with. Not all communities have the custom of preparing chana dal. And those that do, prepare it in their unique way. There is a Bengali chana dal recipe that is very popular. ...
Chana Dal With Coconut Recipe
Fluffy Oats Idli Recipe For Breakfast
Fluffy Oats Idli Recipe For Breakfast
Eating a bowl of oats at the start of the day can give you tons of energy. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is best you don't miss it. If you are over conscious regarding your ...
Step-by-Step Recipe For Shahi Mushroom Masala
Most of us love to eat mushrooms but either don't know how to cook it properly or end up cooking it wrong. That is why we have to depend on restaurants and other eating joints to relish mushroom curries. But you ...
Step By Step Recipe For Shahi Mushroom Masala
Easy Malai Kofta Recipe
Easy Malai Kofta Recipe: A Vegetarian Delight
Malai kofta is one of the most delightful vegetarian dishes that most of us tend to order in any North Indian restaurant. It is one of the signature dishes which are definitely served in the parties and family functions. It is ...
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