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Vegetarian Recipes

For those who are and have planned to get vegetarian, here are some simple vegetarian recipes. The vegetarian recipe tag page gives you all a list of different types of vegetarian recipes including both Indian and International cuisines. Sneak a peek.
Homemade Garlic Bread With Cheese For Kids
Most Indian kids these days like garlic bread a lot. But it is not advisable for kids to eat them out very often. You cannot give them junk food all the time. Besides, it is also not an economical option. But ...
Homemade Garlic Bread With Cheese For Kids
Top Ten Recipes To Try On Vishu
Top 10 Recipes To Try On Vishu
Vishu is the new year celebration time for the people of Kerala. Vishu is basically the harvest festival like its other counterparts in various regions of India. People welcome the new year by praying to God and preparing delicious food items. ...
10 Mouthwatering Recipes For Puthandu
Puthandu is the Tamil New Year. It is the celebration of the first day of the Tamil new year. According to the Tamil calendar, Puthandu is celebrated on the first day of the Chitterai month. People celebrate the festival with great ...
Mouthwatering Recipes For Puthandu
Spicy Baingan Musallam Recipe
Spicy Baingan Musallam Recipe
Add a little spice to your lunch menu today with this exotic vegetarian recipe of baingan musallam. Baingan is the term for brinjal or eggplant in Hindi. Musallam is obviously a famous gravy which is usually made with meat. However using ...
Homemade Masala Oats For Breakfast
The concept of masala oats is not new. You can see many companies advertising ready-to-eat masala oats these days. However, it does not seem healthy to eat something that obviously contains preservatives. But the good news is that you can get ...
Homemade Masala Oats For Breakfast
Paratha Recipes For Vegetarian Breakfast
Paratha Recipes For A Vegetarian Breakfast
Parathas are the heart and soul of a North Indian breakfast. It is easily one of the most common Indian breakfast recipes. There is also an amazing variety when it comes to paratha recipes. You can have both non veg and ...
Kala Chana Sundal: Navratri Recipe
It is the eighth day of Navratri today. The eighth day or Ashtami has a very special significance among the nine divine days of Navratri. On Ashtami, it is a popular practice among many Hindu households to worship and feed little ...
Kala Chana Sundal Navratri Recipe
Aloo Paneer Kofta Curry Recipe
Aloo Paneer Kofta Curry For Navratri
Since the Navratri season is on, most people are on a vegetarian diet for nine days. Some people even abstain from eating onions and garlic during this time. So, keeping this in mind today we have a grand vegetarian trea for ...
Pumpkin Curry For Navratri Vrat
It is the fourth day of Vasant Navratri and the fasting is on. It is difficult to think of new dishes everyday which can be consumed during the fast. Eating the same aloo sabji everyday can get extremely monotonous. So, change ...
Pumpkin Curry For Navratri Vrat
Dahi Arbi Recipe For Navratri
Dahi Arbi Recipe For Navratri
Today we have another interesting vrat recipe for you. While you are fasting for Navratri, you also need to take care of your health. This is the reason why certain ingredients are allowed to be consumed even while fasting so that ...
Navratri Recipe: Singhare Ki Poori
Singhare ka atta or the water chestnut flour is one of the special ingredients which can be used in preparation of various dishes to be eaten during fast. Since the Navratri fast has commenced, we thought of introducing a special vrat ...
Navratri Recipe Singhare Ki Poori
Rajgira Thalipeeth For Navratri Fasting
Rajgira Thalipeeth For Navratri Fasting
The fasting season is here. Vasant Navratri or the Navratri during the spring season has already started. During this period most people in North India observe a nine day fast. However they can consume some special dishes during the fast to ...
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