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Indian Recipes

Prawn Malai Curry: Spcl Bong Recipe
Everyone knows that Bengalis love their fish. But they have a special soft spot for prawns or 'chingri' as they call it. Prawns are every Bong's weakness. No wonder they have some really ingenious Bengali prawn recipes. Today, we will be ...
Prawn Malai Curry Special Bong Recipe

Twelve Healthy Upma Recipes For Breakfast
12 Healthy Upma Recipes For Breakfast
Upma is a classic Indian breakfast recipe. It is easy, less time consuming and is loved by almost everyone. Usually upma is prepared with semolina or rava. Upma is one of the easiest things to prepare for breakfast. However, sooji/rava is ...
Vada Pav: Ganesh Chaturthi Spl Recipe
Ganesh Chaturthi is a special festival celebrated in Maharashtra and Karnataka. That is why; when we speak of Ganesh Chaturthi recipes, some very quintessential Maharashtrian recipes come to the mind. What could be more synonymous with Marathi identity than the vada ...
Vada Pav Ganesh Chaturthi Special Recipe
Easy Home Recipe For Chicken Chettinad
Easy Home Recipe For Chicken Chettinad
There is hardly anyone who has not heard of the Chicken Chettinad recipe. You might have ordered this popular dish at restaurants. But have you ever thought of making Chicken Chettinad at home? Most people perceive this special Tamil recipe to ...
Coconut Burfi Recipe For Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi like all other festivals is marked by our love of food and sweets in particular. As we all know, Lord Ganesha loves to eat sweets. Modak is his favourite but he likes the coconut burfi recipe as well. That ...
Coconut Burfi Recipe For Ganesh Chaturthi
Gulab Ki Kheer Janmashtami Special Recipe
Gulab Ki Kheer: Janmashtami Spl Recipe
Janmashtami recipes should be milky, creamy and sweet. If you are thinking of all the traditional recipes, then don't be bothered. Most of us are working and do not have the time to prepare traditional recipes with so much effort. But ...
Badam Ka Halwa: Janmashtami Spl Recipe
Janmashtami or Lord Krishna's birthday is just round the corner. If you are tired of making the same old recipes every year, then we have some great ideas for you. Lord Krishna loved anything that was sweet and milky. So how ...
Badam Ka Halwa Janmashtami Special Recipe
Spinach Pakora Raksha Bandhan Special
Spinach Pakora: Raksha Bandhan Spcl
Raksha Bandhan is a occasion where brothers can make some demands from their sisters to cook their favourite dishes. Most sisters know how to cook what their brother likes. That is why; Raksha Bandhan recipes are special gifts from the sisters ...
Bhindi Majjige Huli: Raksha Bandhan Recipe
Raksha Bandhan is a festival that is mostly celebrated in the north. However, over the years, this festival has acquired a pan-Indian status. Now, people from all over India celebrate this festival with lots of love. That is why; we can ...
Bhindi Majjige Huli Raksha Bandhan Recipe
Twenty Spicy Indian Recipes For Monsoon
20 Spicy Indian Recipes For Monsoons
There is a famous joke about Indians and their food habits. Westerners often joke that Indians eat even chocolates with red chilli flakes as the topping!Love of spicy food is in our genes. That is why; spicy Indian recipes are often ...
Sweet Recipes For Hariyali Teej
Teej is a festival that is celebrated for the welfare of the family, success of marital relationships and also for prosperity. Today is Hariyali Teej, a day when the women in the household wear green and fast for the well-being of ...
Sweet Recipes For Hariyali Teej
Thalassery Biriyani Recipe For Ramzan
Thalassery Biriyani Recipe For Ramzan
If you are not a real foodie, all biryanis will taste the same to you. After all, it is only meat cooked with rice. However, it takes a real biriyani lover to appreciate the subtle difference of taste in different types ...
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