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Fit Yourself Into Comfortable Yoga Clothes

Yoga Clothes Tips
Clothes form an integral part of your Yoga sessions. Comfortable, flexible and functional aspects of your Yoga attire is what aids you to stretch and balance to attain accuracy in your Yoga poses. Hence it becomes an imperative need to fit yourself into the right clothes for the smooth stretches and firm balances of perfectly done asanas.

Here are a few tips to choose the right Yoga clothes for both men and women.

Clothes Portray Your Attitude

Yoga is not simply about twisting and turning as it stretches far beyond workouts by integrating the body, mind and the spirit. One has to keep in mind, the essence of spirituality that it holds.

  • Plain T-shirts with no prints are ideal Yoga wears as they attract less or no attention.
  • Tees with spiritual prints like 'Om' etc reveal your intentions.
  • The much raved about Eco-friendly clothes which reveal a simple and natural outlook, work well with spirituality
  • Cotton clothes simply portrays simplicity
  • Revealing clothes are a big no no as they could divert the attention of other practitioners.
  • T-shirts that shouts sex, drugs, rock and roll, romance and the like are to be avoided.

Material For Yoga Clothes

  • Clothes that are high moisture wicking, nylon/lycra or cotton/lycra blends are ideal for Yoga. They are highly comfortable and are flexible to allow you to stretch and bend comfortably while doing the asanas.
  • Avoid zippers, clasps, buttons, buckles etc as they may end up poking you while engaging in asanas.

Yoga Clothes For Men

  • Plain T Shirts are ideal.
  • T Shirts ought to be loose and light weight
  • Right fitting track-pants and shorts are preferable.
  • Avoid wearing wide mouthed pants at the bottom that does not come down to the waist while doing inverted poses.
  • Use T shirts that are not too short and can be tucked in while doing inverted poses.
  • White would be an ideal colour . Earthy tones, both dark and light also look good on men.

Yoga Clothes For Women

  • Tank tops are considered the ideal Yoga wear for women.
  • Go for necks that are not too deep in order to avoid revealing while bending. Boat neck Tees are preferable.
  • You can go for sleeveless, capsleeves or even ¾ sleeves.
  • A Unitard can be a comfortable Yoga wear.
  • While leggings are the best for comfort and flexibility, track-pants and Capris are also ideal.
  • Churidhars are comfortable and much sought out by elderly Indian women for their Yoga sessions.
  • It is very important that the Yoga wear should be fitting right, as the strap and neck of the top ought to stand firmly on your shoulder while doing the asanas.
  • Go for T shirts that are not too short and can be tucked to do inverted postures.
  • Pastel and light shades impart a pleasant look.

Yoga Clothes For Children

  • Stretch pants, capris and track-pants and T Shirts are ideal for children who do Yoga.

So get yourself into the right Yoga clothes for comfortable Yoga sessions.

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Story first published: Friday, July 30, 2010, 16:29 [IST]
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