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Motivate Your Children To Do Yoga

Modern lifestyle not only demands a thorough workout schedule for adults, but also kids who compete with present day challenges. With competition being the mantra of the modern days, kids are not spared as they are the ones who are the vehicles of parent's dreams in becoming that someone! The vast exposure through media has also facilitated to the growing rise of anxiety in children. However the age old Yogic science has proved to be a great boon to heal the ills wrought by the modern times.

Yoga seeks to soothe the mind and body in the process of evolving kids in the making of better human beings. It bestows the skill to shape their destiny with a positive outlook to life.


Experts say that kids can be introduced to Yoga at the age of five. It involves little or no effort in getting your child to do Yoga. Since synchronization of breath with the asanas is involved, it is becomes a prime necessity to train them under a professional Yoga trainer.

  • The Yogic poses themselves inspire the children to try them out as the enthusiasm in kids itself get them to do the asanas.
  • If you are trained in Yoga, have your children around while you do basic poses which will inspire them to follow you.
  • Since Yoga poses are named after animals and birds, the attention and interest of kids can be easily evoked.
  • Take your kids to a nearby Yoga centre and get them to watch other children doing Yoga to kindle the interest in them.
  • Enroll them in a Yoga session if available at school.
  • Acknowledge and encourage their little achievements at the completion of asanas.

However check them if they get overenthusiastic about doing certain advanced poses in the absence of the trainer.

Some Simple Asanas for kids

  • Tadasana-Tree Pose
  • Vajrasana-Thunderbolt Pose
  • Ado Muka Svanasana-Downward bending dog pose
  • Bhujangasana-Cobra pose
  • Trikonasana-Triangle pose
  • Dhanurasana-Bow pose
  • Pavanamuktasana-Wind releasing pose
  • Padmasana-Lotus Pose


Yoga makes them flexible physically & mentally

  • Makes them more confident
  • Kindles pro-activeness in kids.
  • Make them self conscious human beings by kindling alertness in them.
  • Channalizes the anxiety in kids in productive areas.
  • Helps in fighting illness
  • Checks kids falling ill frequently
  • Enhances their breathing and expands their lungs.
  • Improves concentration in kids.
  • Brings about an awareness in the intake of food.
  • Checks mood swings and cranky behaviour in kids
  • Helps in developing a positive outlook towards life.
  • Integrates the body mind and the spirit
  • Serves as an ideal base for those kids who turn spiritual in their later life.

So how about exposing your child to Yoga?

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Story first published: Thursday, July 29, 2010, 17:57 [IST]
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