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    What Is Enlightenment?


    Being one of the core concepts of spirituality, a lot of us have had this question of what is enlightenment. The interpretations of the concept of enlightenment vary from one individual to another. In fact, enlightenment has found its way into religion as well - in different dimensions, of course. In this article, we shall discuss the concept of enlightenment. We will answer the question of what is enlightenment. Read on.

    What Is Enlightenment?

    Origin Of The Term Enlightenment

    To begin with, let us first look at the origin of the term and what it relates to. Enlightenment became a concept mostly after Buddhism came into existence. It was Buddha who is known to have attained enlightenment - a state that often corresponds to supreme knowledge. But the concept of enlightenment doesn't just end there.

    Does Enlightenment Mean Absolute Happiness?

    Although enlightenment that Lord Buddha attained relates to giving up earthly and materialistic pleasures, it isn't what the term exactly implies. Enlightenment is a state of absolute happiness - happiness that is independent of events or emotions. The state of absolute happiness is not relative - it is not subjected to external influences. Enlightenment, from one angle, means absolute happiness.

    Does Enlightenment Mean Awakening?

    Yes, in another sense, enlightenment refers to a state of supreme awakening and awareness. It is a state where one is able to understand the truth about human existence. It mostly relates to a state of supreme joy upon knowing what the purpose of life is, and what it means to die. It is a state that perfectly comprehends the eternity of life.

    Enlightenment is thus the collective of two meanings - one, a state of absolute happiness and the other, a state of supreme knowledge - knowledge about life, death and the purpose of humankind.

    Does Enlightenment Mean Liberation?

    Yes, enlightenment means liberation as well. Having acquired the knowledge what is permanent and temporary, man knows which desires he should have and which ones should he liberate from. Moreover, not possessing the desires which lead to sufferings, an enlightened soul liberates himself from sorrows.

    Is Enlightenment Permanent Happiness?

    Yes, the biggest flaw with the materialistic world is that the kinds of happiness it gives is temporary. It is like a short-term goal, the happiness attained by which perishes over time. Having acquired the knowledge of truth and the real purpose of life, an enlightened soul acquires happiness which is permanent and does not perish.

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