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What Is Enlightenment?
Being one of the core concepts of spirituality, a lot of us have had this question of what is enlightenment. The interpretations of the concept of enlightenment vary from one individual to another. In fact, enlightenment has found its way into ...
What Is Enlightenment

Do You Believe You Are Enlightened?-A Tao Story
One is enlightened by default. A short Tao story explains the truth.Once Chuang Tzu, the great Tao master, made his first visit to Lao Tzu, the founder of Tao.On seeing Chuang Tzu enter his hut, Lao Tzu said, “Do not ask ...
Lao Tzu's Spiritual Enlightenment
Effort is required to become effortless. Lao Tzu, the Tao master's spiritual enlightenment reveals the truth.Lao Tzu once sat under a tree frustrated. He was frustrated for the fact that he had tried all that he could do but still not ...
Lao Tzu Spiritual Enlightenment
Bodhi Day-The Day Of Buddha's Enlightenment
Bodhi day is celebrated to commemorate Buddha's enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. It falls on the the 8th day of the 12th lunar month, the eighth of December.Bodhi day is observed by Zen and Shin, traditions that stem from the Mahayana ...
A Fresh New Moment-Ramana Maharshi
Continued from the previous part-Learn to Live This Now is the Time:This now is the time. There is always time to make hay. Obviously it is when the sun is shining. The urgent need is to check the constant movement ...
New Moment Ramana Maharshi
Osho On The Enlightenment Of Buddha's Disciples
Enlightenment can bring about a chain effect. Osho narrates a short story to explain the truth.Manjushri and Samantabhadra were two great disciples of Buddha who attained enligtenment even while Buddha was in His body.It was a practice for Manjushri to sit ...
Spiritual Enlightenment, One's True Nature
“Enlightenment is finding that there is nothing to find,” says Osho. A short story conveys the truth of spiritual enlightenment.Chikanzenji was a poor monk who toiled hard for about thirty long years for enlightenment. He had done all that he could ...
Spiritual Enlightenment True Nature Osho
Total Effort And Total Relaxation
Total effort and total relaxation are both required for spiritual enlightenment. The story of Buddha's enlightenment explains the truth.Buddha tried all possible ways to attain enlightenment. He approached every other Guru and practiced steadfastly their spiritual instructions, but could not ...
Question to end all questions!
When we ask a question, many a times the answers we get are unexpected. One such question is: Who Am I? We will certainly ask many questions in our lifetime. This question is central to all our other questions. The other ...
Who Am I Ask Questions Central
Extreme Concentration And Enlightenment
Extreme concentration can bring about enlightenment. A short Zen story illustrates the truth.A Zen seeker was working hard on a Koan, the answer to which he could not derive. He tried hard but could not. He was gripped with fear of ...
Pure Love Can Lead To Enlightenment
The next time you are with someone, when you are with your friend with whom you are completely open, remember to practice this technique.Just sit next to him or her. Don’t bother about what you are going to do or what ...
Pure Love Spiritual Enlightenment
The Highest Form Of Love Energy In The Enlightened!
There is a beautiful example given in the Upanishads:A master asked his disciple, ‘Do you enjoy all your five senses?’The disciple said, ‘Yes.’The master asked, ‘What if one of your senses was missing, would you have the same amount of joy?’The ...
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