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    What Is The True Purpose Of Prayer?


    There are numerous religions and an uncountable number of followers. Worshipping the Almighty is a part of every religion and people from different faiths worship different forms of him. It is at this point that the aspect of prayer comes into consideration.

    True Purpose Of Prayer

    In order to evoke God's blessings, people offer prayers and make many other relevant offerings. But what is the true purpose of prayer? Why do people pray? Are they really achieving what they wish to achieve through prayers?


    Selfish Desires Of The Humans

    In this article,we look at prayer with a new lens. We explore the true purpose of prayer and the necessity of understanding the true purpose of prayer. We answer the basic question of why should people pray. Selfish desires of mankind have literally eroded the sanctity of true prayer. Especially when religion has indisputably lost its sheen and the age is that of heightened turmoil, it becomes imperative for humans to reflect on their own lives and know what the true purpose of prayer is.


    Does Karma Bring Sufferings In People's Lives?

    It must be noted that a selfish attitude that we humans adopt is not going to take us anywhere. People come from different backgrounds and have had different upbringings. A common belief is that it is because of the impregnable concept of Karma. This common belief fosters that while unwanted situations of life might be a result of a similar karma in the past, we also believe that praying to God is a form of asking for forgiveness.


    Praying Invokes The Almighty

    Whether such situations are associated with the past Karma or not, whether He forgives or not, but he definitely gives the required strength to face them. He helps the devotee emerge victorious through the challenges of life. The concept of Karma also indicates that past deeds can thus ruin not just the life of a person, but also that of his family. Just as Ravana's attempt to abduct Sita brought destruction to the entire kingdom. Or just as Draupadi's devotion to Lord Krishna made him appear to save her dignity amidst the entire clan of Kouravas and Pandavas present in the court.


    Prayers Give Relaxation

    While prayers help to invoke the blessings of the Almighty, and give strength, they also help to give peace. Praying acts like a short meditation where we get relieved of our worries and share the tensions with someone we trust. It thus helps calm the mind and provide relaxation. Probably that is why people who pray on a regular basis are more calm and relaxed as compared to those who cannot find time for praying amidst the busy schedule.


    Let Prayers Serve A Higher Motive

    As humans, empowering ourselves is of paramount importance. However, while praying for the self is the common practise, we should pray for the entire mankind as well. Having an opportunity to seek a blessing, why not ask for the removal of sufferings of all. The upliftment of mankind on earth will reduce the sufferings of all. Thus another true purpose of prayer is to pray for humans to rise above their inhibitions and qualities of the lesser self. The qualities of the lesser self include hatred, jealousy, anger and begrudging one's life. If every human is able to unlock the higher self, the world will know peace and happiness will be the permanent state of mind.

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