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Prayer, the link between the human and the divine, unleashes the inherent energy, which enhances the body, mind and the soul. It is the medium which turns the mind inwards to look within oneself. Read about the transforming power of prayer, importance of prayer to God, the function of prayer and much more on Yoga and Spirituality of Living Oneindia.
Read Shani Chalisa Lyrics In English
Lord Shani (Saturn), the God of punishment and rewrds is believed to bless His devotees as per their deeds. He reminds us what we should do and how to live our lives. People are often seen worrying about having Shani dosha ...
Shani Chalisa Lyrics In English
What Is The True Purpose Of Prayer?
There are numerous religions and an uncountable number of followers. Worshipping the Almighty is a part of every religion and people from different faiths worship different forms of him. It is at this point that the aspect of prayer comes into ...
Sai Satcharitra-Shirdi Sai-A Prayer-Ch-46
Baba's gaya Trip - Story of Goats. This Chapter describes Shama's strip to Kashi, Prayag and Gaya and how Baba (in the Form of His portrait) was there ahead of him; it also describes Baba's reminiscences of the past birth of ...
A Rich Man's Prayer!
Osho says when a rich man prays for money, then he is still poor! Once some villagers approached a Sufi saint, Farid and requested him to seek King Akbar's help to construct a school for the poor children, as Akbar ...
Osho Sufi Short Story Rich Prayer
Prayer Of Peace For The Master And The Disciple
Om Saha navavathu Saha now bhunakthu Saha veeryam karavavahai Thejaswina vadheethamasthu Maa vidwishavahai.Om Shanthihi! Shanthihi!! Shanthihi!! (Kathopanishad)“Let Him protect us both. May He Bless us with, the Bliss of Knowledge. Let, us exert together. May what we study be well studied! ...
God Gives You What You Need, Not What You Want !
For those of you who believe that God answers your prayers, let me tell you one thing: God is so compassionate that most often than not he leaves your prayers unanswered!It is like this: When a child asks ...
Need Want God
Gratitude Can Never Be Taught
See...one thing: Gratitude can never be taught. Of course, the idea of feeling grateful can be told to children when they are young so that they know about it. But it remains a social conditioning just like other ...
Gratitude Dissolves Man Made Barriers
You express your gratitude with words because you are egoistic and you don't want people to think you lack courtesy. The moment you express it, you belittle or falsify it.Actually, your very body language can convey the state ...
Express Gratitude Body Language Prayer
Service, The World's Greatest Prayer
"Service in this world is the greatest prayer, Loving the people around is the real devotion". Swami Chinmayananda For a beginner in spirituality it may appear that Jnana Yoga (the path of Knowledge), Bhakti Yoga (the ...
Is Gratitude A Part Of Our Prayer?
A small story:A man dreamt that he went to Heaven and that an Angel was showing him around Heaven. They walked side-by-side. First, they entered a large workroom filled with many Angels. ...
Gratitude Prayer Petitions God
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