A Rich Man's Prayer!

Osho, Sufi Story
Osho says when a rich man prays for money, then he is still poor!

Once some villagers approached a Sufi saint, Farid and requested him to seek King Akbar's help to construct a school for the poor children, as Akbar frequented him.

When Farid went to Akbar's palace, Akbar was engaged in his prayers. Farid however was allowed in and he quietly waited behind Akbar to finish his prayers.

When Akbar was almost at the end of his prayer, he said, “Almighty Compassionate One, shower more riches on me! Bless me with a greater kingdom!"

The Farid who was standing behind, on hearing Akbar's prayer, started to leave. Akbar who became aware of someone's movement, turned around to find Farid exiting.

Akbar ran up to the Farid and touching his feet, enquired, “Why have you come and why are you leaving?," as it was the first time he had visited him.

Farid said, “Thinking you are rich I came to ask you to help construct a school for the poor. But it seems you are poor yourself, that you are asking God to bless you with wealth! How can I ask a poor man who is himself in need? I will straight away ask God!"

It is said that Akbar had recorded in his autobiography that it was the first time that his dissatisfaction came to light. It was the first time that he discovered it. Despite all his riches that did not give him anything, he was still seeking more unconsciously.

He thought, “I have accumulated enough and more and I am still asking for something which did give nothing! Its time for me to do away with it!"

Osho says the prayer of the poor is often material, while the prayer of the rich is spiritual only if one is exhausted with the desire for wealth. Otherwise though outwardly rich, one still remains to be poor!"

A prayer itself becomes truly rich when devoid of desires!

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Story first published: Friday, July 16, 2010, 12:57 [IST]
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