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Religious References To Past Life Regression


We, as logical professionals, think that it is our duty to mistrust things like spiritual gurus and theories like past life regression. However, there is much beyond the realm of logic in this world. The basic premise of spirituality begins from where the premise of logic ends. It is important to understand that logic is not the same as science. For example, there is a science behind past life regression therapy but no logic to explain how.

What Is Past Life Regression?

It might seem like a vague question but considering the fact that very few people know facts about this phenomenon, it is better to start afresh. This is a psychoanalytical tool that makes you visit your past life or lives via hypnosis. It is based on the principle that we all come from a vast source of light in the universe. Our souls are fragments of this light that take human form. The human body is only a vessel but from inside it is immortal. Souls move from one body to another and are sometimes, in between lives.

The clue to our mental illness or problems of the present life can lie in our previous life. For example, you have never been bitten by a dog but have unnatural phobia of dogs. Past life regression therapy could prove that you were mauled to death by wild dogs in your previous birth. The therapist will then help you forget this painful memory so that you can be cured of the phobia.

Religious References To Past Life Regression:

Contrary to popular opinion, rebirth is not a Christian concept. Christianity talks about Heaven and Hell, it does not explicitly mention rebirth. So, this concept of past life regression therapy comes from Eastern philosophy. This concept of previous lives and reincarnation is actually a Hindu concept. The ancient religion of Hinduism talks about rebirths and the eternal soul.

Kalsarp Dosha: Souls reincarnate in different bodies for eternity unless they break the cycle of rebirth by attaining Moksha or salvation. In Hinduism, there are also references to spiritual healing through past lives. Let us take the Kalsarp Dosha for example. According to the tenets of Hinduism, a snake is holy because it is the vassel of many gods. If you kill a snake, then you will incur its curse that will give you bad luck in your next birth. Until you offer prayers and apologise to the snake from the depth of your soul, you and the coming generations of your family will inherit the curse. The theory of Karma explains this phenomenon very logically.

Reborn Spiritual Gurus: Buddhism, being an off shoot of Hinduism also subscribes to the concept of rebirth and past life regression. According to the Buddhists (especially in Tibet) their spiritual gurus or Lamas never die; they just pass from one human body to another. So, before one Dalai Lama dies, he will prophecize the birth of another Lama exactly down to the details of date, time and place. The Lamas have a spiritual network that allows them to travel between times and lives.

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