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Tirukkural-On Virtue-Pleasing Speech Or Courtesy-Kural 99

By Staff

Insol initheenral kaanpaan evankolo

Vansol valanguvathu

When a man knows that kind words bring joy and happiness,

Why should he resort to harsh words?

Nanneri has the following lines that bring out the same idea:

Insolaalinri iruneer viyanulakam

Vansolaa lenrum mahilaadhe.

We have repeatedly realized from personal experience, the marvelous effect of gentle and tender speech from others to us, but when it comes to our own turn, we forget all about it and indulge in hurtful words. This Kural is couched in such an effective manner, as will go straight home.

The bible has an injunction against harsh words thus:

'But whosoever shall say "thou fool".

Shall be in danger of hell fire'

Manimekalai too abjures the use of harsh words of four categories thus:

Poiyeh kuralai kadunchol payanil

Sol yenach sollil thondruva naangum

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Story first published: Monday, December 29, 2008, 13:59 [IST]