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Darkness At Noon-Part V

Continued From Part IV

The Potential Volcano

In all Metropolitan cities, the pollution levels are excessive by any standard. But not withstanding the density of this pollution, it is measurable. To this extent, it is controllable. Unfortunately, the mind is a storehouse of pollution. Layers and layers of memories and action, negative, aggressive, vindictive thoughts remain in their vastness and depth. Mind is therefore like a smouldering volcano. There is no knowing when its volcanic potential would burst forth, spreading its destructive lava, all round. They are lurking, the enemies manufactured in our own mind. Their brand name is 'Home-Made".

The Garbage Bin

The mind is a garbage bin. The rule in this bin is 'garbage in is garbage in". There is no offloading of it. The question just does not arise as this garbage is stacked in many bags, some open, some closed. Does the story end here? No. For fresh and fresher loads of garbage in the form of and more and more thoughts, more and more residual memories are added to the old stock. The mind is overloaded. Unfortunately there is only an 'Entry" board. The 'Exit" board seem to have been stolen. Who is there to control when the controller has lost his grip?

Birth of Desire/Fear

Does it not sound absurd to talk of the birth of desire/fear? If one were to see it, each moment there is birth of desire and its twin brother fear. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Enjoyment, more and more of it, is always on the cards. The movies, entertainment channels of TVs, home studio, are labeled 'relaxation". From what? Heaven knows. Any worthwhile entertainment 'must be real, graphic" to go home. Then there would be a repeat of daily life situations with which one identifies himself, instead of escaping from them.

The fan clubs for all movie stars, are looking forward with eager anticipation for the next episode of a serial to loom large. There is only a repeat performance of the 'working hours". The joys and sorrow of the entertainment world merely continue the sorrow of identifications in something or the other and the consequent dependence on them.

About the author


Sri A.R.Natarajan has had the opportunity of a long association of over 50 years with the Ramanashram. He was the editor of "Mountain Path" for two years. He was the secretary of Ramana Kendra, New Delhi for ten years. He founded the Ramana Maharshi centre for learning, a non profit institution. He has authored more than thirty six books and eleven pocket books on the life and teachings of Bhagavan Ramana.

To be continued

Story first published: Monday, May 3, 2010, 10:34 [IST]
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