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A Fresh New Moment-Ramana Maharshi
Continued from the previous part-Learn to Live This Now is the Time:This now is the time. There is always time to make hay. Obviously it is when the sun is shining. The urgent need is to check the constant movement ...
New Moment Ramana Maharshi

Learn To Live Says Ramana Maharshi
Continued from the previous part, The Mind Are we ROBOTS?This is a question that keeps cropping up. Why indeed are we reducing ourselves more or less to automatons inspite of our much prided intellect? Our daily life is so routinised ...
The Mind
Contrasts:The opposites have been used for two reasons. One is to drive home the need to look at a core aspect of one’s life. Another is because the functioning of the mind in the present state can be only in a ...
The Mind Ramana Maharshi
Doership Checked With Ramana Maharshi's 'Who Am I'
The Only Efficient Actor Can you believe it? What about one’s mental fences, this is “mine”, I am the sole architect of my success, how efficient I am in judging the market trends and taking quick decisions and ...
Mind Power
Let them sleep or snore To be over concerned about the life style of others even if it be to shy away from it is dangerous. How wasted or how meaningful another person’s life may be, is none of our ...
Mind Power Ramana Maharshi
Have you no dreams (true dreams of life)?-Ramana Maharshi
We are so preoccupied with the momentum of life (especially modern life) that one wonders whether those happy days are over when could sing with Judy Garland ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ and dance with the ‘Wazard of OZ’. Can we ...
Darkness At Noon-Part XVI
‘No Track’ and ‘Many Tracks’ – Deep Sleep and Waking Continued From Part XV The concept of no mind, a mind free from thoughts and the mind overcrowded with thoughts, needs to be looked into. The situation is ...
Understand Mind Deep Sleep Who Am I
Darkness At Noon-Part XIV
Continued From Part XIII Some Quips:A quote in the Reader’s Digest highlights this situation. An electricity company, finding that it has to pay substantial compensation for electrocution from the careless handling of wires, put up a warning notice reading, ...
Darkness At Noon-Part XIII
Continued From Part XII Continued From Part XII Free Parking:The ruling concept today in the financial market is “make your money work”. There could be various combinations, which will maximise the growth of wealth. Recently, an asset management company ...
Self Enquiry Life Purpose Thoughts Variety
Darkness At Noon-Part XII
Darkness At Noon-Part XIICeaseless enquiryThe new has its own challenge. Ramana counsels that one should ceaselessly, without tiring, investigate, enquire into and find out what is this thing called the ‘mind’? On such enquiry, it will be obvious when there are ...
Darkness At Noon-Part XI
Continued From The Previous PastPurchasing sorrowGiven one’s lifestyle, at present, one is seeking endlessly enjoyment from the various sources, which is mind, as identified as its needs; be it family bonds, job obligations, social demands and need to be entertainment. What ...
Present Lifestyle Understanding Mind
Darkness At Noon-Part X
Continued From Part IXUrge to find out:Why not find out if life is a portal of freedom and independence? There is always joy in discovery.  One can proceed on the certain premise that Ramana’s words brim directly from His steady and ...
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