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Mind Power

Let them sleep or snore

To be over concerned about the life style of others even if it be to shy away from it is dangerous. How wasted or how meaningful another person"s life may be, is none of our business. The crux is what we are making of our lives. Are we a part of this type of life essentially with occasional reflections and resolutions to begin a new chapter in our lives? Are we also only “physicians who have to heal themselves" first? All said and done the mind"s power, which is the God given escape instrument from this thralldom to identifications, to discover the truth and cut these binding chains one would have allowed this power to become splintered and weak.

Each person is born with a mind, ignited by the fullness of consciousness flowing from the heart. As Ramana Maharshi says, “God lights the mind and shines in it hidden". But not for us. If one exercises necessary care, necessary vigilance to preserve this treasure (mind power) and not let it be wasted by attention to the thought-action momentum one would be on the way to a unitary mind. The divine gift, the potent mind (mind power) has the sole objective of enabling one to enquire about the nature of the subject and understand it to be the 'I", 'I", ever-shining in the heart without a break.

Discovery of one"s natural state, thus, is the primary duty, and only purpose of human life. This was the answer given by Ramana Maharshi to Deivarata in 1917 and to Ganapati Muni when his predisposition to penance was pulling him towards more of it. Ramana Maharshi reminded him that the sole purpose of human life is to reveal the naturalness of joy of the natural state. As for “auspicious purposes", which one may desire to be fulfilled, they would be fructified at the appropriate time by the “only efficient actor" Iswara.

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Sri. A.R.Natarajan, the founder of the Ramana Maharshi Centre for learning talks about the mind's power or the potent mind in his 'Darkness at Noon'.

Story first published: Monday, September 20, 2010, 18:04 [IST]
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