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The Mind Is Something Dynamic And Alive

Mind, according to Vedic psychology, is a process. Mind is not a machine but a process. It is constantly happening. The word manas, which is the Sanskrit word for mind, means a constant happening, something that is not passive and dead but something that is dynamic and alive.

We all believe unconsciously that mind is matter , a thing or a machine. That is why constantly we connect all the past happenings of the mind as a chain, and start believing our mind is a solid thing. The low mood that you experienced years ago, months ago, weeks ago or days ago are all unconnected and independent incidents . Fifteen years ago, you would have felt the low mood and felt depressed because your toys were lost.

Few years ago you would have felt depressed or disturbed because your son was not listening to you. The reasons were different , situations were different, and the cause was totally different . However, when you connect all these low moods and decide , 'My life is full of depression ," you have created hell for yourself! It is only what you believe to be your past that you will reproduce in the future.

When we believe the mind is a thing, we create problems that do not exist. You need to understand this one truth: you are a process, and that by your very nature, your thoughts are unconnected, independent and 'unclutched" .

What you think as your identity is not required for you to run your life. You may say, 'No, if I am unclutched, unconnected , how will I plan for my future ? I have deadlines , project plans , etc. How will I work? How will I run my day-today life?" These are big questions that haunt you.

You have an automatic intelligence to run, to maintain , to live and to expand your life. For example when you are driving, do you plan every step? Do you plan how much you need to press the accelerator, when you need to press the brake, when you need to turn right, turn left? No. In the initial level when you are getting trained, you may plan but once you learn driving, you just sit. Many times you don"t even remember what happened while driving . Only when you park your car in front of your office, suddenly you realise that you have been driving all this time and even reached your destination!

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Story first published: Thursday, September 9, 2010, 15:43 [IST]