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Tune In With Existence, Life Becomes A Celebration!

When you tune in, you carry the radiance and energy of Existence with you. You will be able to see things getting re-arranged, things falling into place like a jigsaw puzzle so that things happen for you; you will be able to feel people receiving you with a strange spontaneity and enthusiasm wherever you go.

People will look at you differently. They will experience an unexplainable pull towards you. Your life will become a song that is being played by an unseen musician, to which you are simply dancing. Life becomes just music and dance. It becomes a celebration!

But instead of celebrating, we are all the time searching for more, searching for miracles. We are all the time looking for miracles to happen and feel that they are not happening.

I tell you: Miracles are never done, they simply happen continuously around you! It is your recognizing capacity that makes them miracles! Use gratitude to tune yourself with Existence and you will see the miracles that are happening! Gratitude will tune you to the miracles. Either you enjoy them or you miss them. It is your choice!

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Story first published: Thursday, January 28, 2010, 10:56 [IST]
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