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Shri Sai Satcharitra-Chapter-41-Part IV

By Staff

Continued From Part III

In the after-noon, Baba sent for all and Deo also, and said that His words might have pained the old man (Deo) but as he committed the theft, He could not but speak out. Then Baba asked again for Rs. 12/- Deo collected the amount, paid it and prostrated himself before Him. Then Baba said to him - "What are you doing?" "Nothing" replied Deo. Then Baba - "Go on daily reading the Pothi (Jnaneshwari), go and sit in the Wada, read something regularly every day and while reading, explain the portion read, to all with love and devotion. I am sitting here ready to give you the whole gold-embroidered Shela (valuable cloth), then why go to others to steal rags, and why should you get into the habit of stealing?"

Deo was much pleased to hear the words of Baba, for He asked him to start reading Pothi (Jnaneshwari). He thought that he got what he wanted and that he could read the book with ease thenceforth. He again prostrated himself before Baba and said that he surrendered himself to Him and that he should be treated as a child and be helped in his reading.

Deo realized then what Baba meant by 'stealing the rags'. What he asked Balakram constituted the 'rags' and Baba did not like his behaviour in this respect. As He was ready to answer any question, He did not like him to ask others and make unnecessary enquiries and therefore He harassed and scolded him. Deo thought that He really did not 'harass and scold' him but taught that He was ready to fulfill his desires, and there was no use asking others in vain. Deo took these scoldings as flowers and blessings and went home satisfied and contented.

The matter did not end here. Baba did not stop with only issuing an order to read. Within a year He went to Deo and enquired about his progress. On 2nd April 1914, on Thursday morning, Baba gave him a dream-vision. He sat on the upper floor and asked him whether he understood the Pothi. "No" answered Deo.

Baba asked, "Then when are you going to understand?"

Deo burst into tears and said, "Unless You shower Your grace, the reading is mere worry and the understanding is still more difficult. I say this definitely."

Baba said, "While reading you make haste, read it before Me, in My presence." Deo asked "What shall I read?" Baba - "Read Adhyatma (spiritualism)."

Deo went to bring the book when he opened his eyes and was awakened. We leave the readers to imagine what ineffable joy and bliss Deo felt after this vision.

Sai Ram. There is a lot of divine symbolism in the amount of dakshina that Baba took from Deo. Deo offered one rupee as dakshina, indicating his offering of his ego / ahamkara. Baba asked for 20 rupees as dakshina - the five karmendriyas and 5 jnanendriyas, and the karmas done with them. Thus karmakshalan started. Because Deo was asking Balakram about Baba's ways of showering grace, Baba again asked and took 20 rupees the next day too continuing the cleansing.

Baba sent Chandru (who rules the mind), who happened to be a leper indicating that Deo's mind was indeed highly contaminated. Baba took 25 rupees (5 times 5) cleansing several layers of Deo's aura. After a severe scolding of the internal enemies of Deo, Baba asked for 12 rupees to indicate that He has finished off the internal and external enemies of Deo, who were obstructing his spiritual sadhana. The date on which Baba gave a dream vision to Deo to check on his spiritual progress is also significant as it adds to 12 and finally to 3. The number 3 is highly significant as it indicates the Trinity, and the need for Trikarana Suddhi. Sai Ram.

Bow to Shri Sai - Peace be to all

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S.V. Swamy

Swarna.Venkateswara Swamy, (also known as Venkateswara Swamy Swarna, S.V.Swamy or simply Swamy) is a physicist and a metallurgist by education. He considers Sai Baba of Shirdi as his Sadguru but respects all Gurus. He is an avid reader, a book reviewer and an editor. He has an abiding interest in holistic health systems..
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Story first published: Thursday, May 27, 2010, 13:44 [IST]
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